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618 Air Operations Center (Tanker AIrlift Control Center) Shield
618 Air Operations Center (Tanker AIrlift Control Center) Shield
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The 618th Air Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center) is the 18th Air Force's execution arm, providing the Air Force's global reach. Located at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., the 618th AOC (TACC) plans, schedules, directs and assesses a fleet of nearly 1,100 mobility aircraft in support of combat delivery and strategic airlift, air refueling and aeromedical evacuation operations around the world.


The 618 AOC (TACC)'s mission is to make global reach a reality by transforming mission requirements into executable and effective missions, through efficient planning, tasking, execution and assessment of global air mobility operations. The organization is capable of seamlessly transitioning from day‐to‐day operations to contingency support or disaster relief.


The 618th AOC (TACC) will be a mission‐focused, process‐oriented team that ensures proactive command and control of air mobility operations. We will leverage our unique perspective to remain an innovation leader in the execution of global reach. We will maintain our proud heritage and record of excellence in adapting and responding to worldwide events.


More than 700 personnel are assigned to the 618th AOC (TACC). The unit is a total force team consisting of active duty, Reserve, Air National Guard, contractor and civil service personnel.


The 618th AOC (TACC) employs a wide range of military aircraft to achieve Air Mobility Command's global reach mission. The military aircraft typically employed by the 618th AOC (TACC) to accomplish 18 AF missions include the C‐5 Galaxy, C‐17 Globemaster III, C‐130 Hercules, KC‐10 Extender and the KC‐135 Stratotanker. The 618th AOC (TACC) also works with commercial
contractors to fulfill airlift requirements on an as‐needed basis


The 618th AOC operates under the command of 18th Air Force, also located at Scott Air Force Base. The organization consists of eight directorates with the resources and technical expertise to plan, task, schedule, execute and recover all 618th AOC (TACC) missions.

The directorates are:

Mobility Management Directorate (XOB): XOB, often called "The Barrel", directorate is responsible for allocating aircraft and aircrews to support strategic airlift, theater airlift, aeromedical evacuation, and air refueling requirements to support multiple Department of Defense and non‐Department of Defense customers. XOB coordinates with the Air Force Reserve Command and the Air National Guard on their availability to help support AMC's global mobility mission. Finally, XOB manages the joint airborne/air transportability training program that provides mutual support to our sister services.

Command and Control Directorate (XOC): XOC, the largest directorate in the AOC, is a highly skilled command and control team exercising the AMC commander's authority
and direction over AMC assigned and gained missions. It operates 24‐hours‐a‐day, every day, providing first‐class flight planning, diplomatic clearance, and integrated flight management services to aircrews from the moment a mission enters execution through mission completion.

Global Channel Operations Directorate (XOG): XOG manages worldwide strategic channel airlift operations for passenger and cargo movement in the Defense Transportation System. The directorate also assists transportation officers worldwide with booking passenger movements for Department of Defense international travelers.

Mission Support Directorate (XON): XON maintains the 618th AOC (TACC)'s viability in an ever‐changing world and develops solutions for tomorrow's challenges. The directorate is comprised of three divisions providing timely, accurate and relevant data, technology and resource support. It serves as a force multiplier ensuring the execution
of AMC's global mobility mission while providing unrivaled mission documentation and data support.

Current Operations Directorate (XOO): XOO plans and monitors airlift and air refueling missions to meet Department of Defense and international customer requirements.These requirements include a wide array of missions sets such as passenger movements, cargo movements and air refueling in support of National Command Authority‐directed classified programs, nuclear airlift, fighter and bomber deployment and employment, and distinguished visitor airlift. This directorate also integrates Information Operations into the planning and execution of mobility missions.

Global Readiness Directorate (XOP): XOP is the single manager of integrating global reach with a focus on airlift and aeromedical evacuation support in response to directives and tasking from the National Command Authority. It projects mobility forces to achieve national goals and objectives in support of aeromedical evacuation, humanitarian assistance efforts, contingencies, exercises and wartime needs. It is AMC's source for theater augmentation and contingency response assets.

Global Mobility Weather Operations Directorate (XOW): XOW provides weather products, services and briefings for missions managed by the 618th AOC (TACC) operating worldwide. In addition, the directorate provides mission weather support for aircrews on non‐flight managed missions for AMC's CONUS‐based wings.

Director of Operations (XOZ): XOZ acts as AMC's single point of contact for AMC missions in execution serving as the command's representative to the Joint Staff, Air Force Watch Cell, National Military Command Center, U.S. Transportation Command, other COCOMs, the DOD, and other agencies. A colonel, known as the "Senior", is on duty 24/7 and provides immediate oversight and decision making for all AMC command and control efforts.


The 618th Air Operations Center (TACC), initially known simply as the Tanker Airlift Control Center, became operational April 1, 1992. Air mobility leadership sought to simplify the execution of its worldwide mobility mission. They created a highly efficient organization that centralized command and control operations previously dispersed within numbered air forces and airlift divisions located around the world. TACC was renamed the 618th TACC on April 1, 2007 and designated the 618th Air and Space Operations Center (TACC) Aug. 31, 2010. On Nov. 1, 2014, the AOC was redesignated as the 618th Air Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center).

Air Mobility Command leverages a tightly integrated team that includes the 618th AOC (TACC), commanders across the spectrum, crews, support personnel and its customers. The 618th AOC (TACC) optimizes the Global Air Mobility System while providing aircrews with the mission details, support, training and authority necessary to successfully execute their missions. To date, the 618th AOC (TACC) remains Air Mobility Command's only air operations center and the largest in the Air Force.

Point of Contact
618th Airlift Control Center, Public Affairs Office; 402 Scott Drive, Unit 2K1, Scott AFB, IL 62225-5303, DSN 779-2999 or (618) 229-2999.


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