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Where can I submit a Freedom of Information Request to AMC?

1. For submitting Freedom of Information requests online to our Requester Service Centers (RSC), click on the following AF eFOIA Public Access Link (PAL):

2. If dissatisfied with the response received from the AMC FOIA Requester Service Center, you may contact the  Air Force FOIA Public Liaison Office at  or (703) 614-8500.   (Please do not send FOIA requests to this office)

3. AMC FOIA Reports after November 1, 2014 are here:
     a. Ground Mishap Fatality Report - Pope AAF, N.C. - 17 Jul 2014 Pt I
     b. Ground Mishap Fatality Report - Pope AAF, N.C. - 17 Jul 2014 Pt II
     c. Ground Mishap Fatality Report - Pope AAF, N.C. - 17 Jul 2014 Pt III
     d. Aircraft Accident Report - Pope AAF - 1 Dec 2014 Pt 1
     e. Aircraft Accident Report - Pope AAF, N.C. - 1 Dec 2014 Pt 2
     f. Aircraft Accident Report - Pope AAF, N.C. - 1 Dec 2014 Pt 3

4. For FOIA reports prior to November 2014, please visit the Air Force electronic reading room on the Air Force Freedom of Information Act web page at:, and click Reading Room.

5. The HQ AMC FOIA Manager can be reached via telephone at 618-229-5573, via e-mail at, or via U.S. mail at:

203 West Losey St., RM 3600
Scott AFB IL 62225

6. Are you seeking a record that is currently classified?

If you are only seeking a copy of a record or records that are currently classified, and would like the record reviewed for appropriate declassification and release, you should file a Mandatory Declassification Review request.

Mandatory Declassification Review is a provision of Presidential Executive Order 13526 that allows members of the public to request a mandatory declassification review of a classified document in order to obtain a releasable version of the document.

The desired document requested must be specified in sufficient detail so that it can be readily located.

The record in question must not be the subject of litigation. The mandatory declassification review process can be very timely and in-depth, due to the classification of materials being reviewed by internal and outside agencies. 

MRD decisions can be administratively appealed to the Headquarters Air Force/AAII (Mandatory Declassification Review) or to the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP). 

Requests for review and release of classified records under the MDR process
can be made to:

Headquarters Air Force/AAII (Mandatory Declassification Review)
1000 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC 20330-1000


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