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Department of Defense Model Programs

The Department of Defense (DOD) Commercial Airlift Division is required by Public Law and DOD directive to evaluate an air carrier's capability to perform airlift services for the DOD. The Commercial Airlift Division accomplishes this responsibility through on-site surveys and table-top performance evaluations. The standard used during these evaluations are the DOD Commercial Air Transportation Quality and Safety Requirements. As a result of this experience, the DOD compiled characteristics of air carrier programs that stand out as models for the industry. Each model represents a specific requirement that the DOD measures during evaluations. These programs are not mandated by DOD since not every carrier needs the level of detail presented. However the programs do represent a compilation of the most effective efforts we have seen. 

Model Programs - Operations

Operations Management
Flight Operations
Operational Control
In-Flight Performance

Model Programs - Maintenance

Maintenance Management
Maintenance Personnel
Quality Assurance
Maintenance Inspection
Maintenance Training
Maintenance Manuals
Maintenance Facilities and Capabilities

Model Programs - Safety
Air Carrier Safety

Model Programs - Internal Audits
Internal Audit Evaluation Program