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Checklists for commercial carriers

These checklists were developed to assist you in preparing for a survey by the Department of Defense (DOD) Commercial Airlift Division. They are virtually identical to the checklists we will use during the performance of your survey. Questions are worded such that YES answers meet requirements, and a NO answer may indicate a potential shortfall of requirements. Some answers may require documentation. When a N/A answer is not allowed, this indicates that all carriers, regardless of the size and scope of operation, must comply. Questions with all responses shaded are not suited for the Yes/No format and generally are informational in nature. Items followed by a symbol identify common areas for findings. All requirements listed are rooted in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) and the DOD Commercial Air Carrier Quality & Safety (Q&S) Requirements, and are not intended to replace either. These checklists are merely tools to assist in measuring compliance with the Q&S.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning one of these checklists, call (618) 229-4343, fax (618) 256-5937.

Note: The term "Civil Aviation Agency (CAA)" is used in the checklists since Q & S requirements are applicable to U.S. and international air carriers doing business with the DOD. CAA includes the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

Maintenance Survey Checklist

Operations Survey Checklist