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AMC FOIA Reports

AIB Report - Travis KC-10 Boom Mishap ( 1 Nov 2016 Part 1)

AIB Report - Travis KC-10 Boom Mishap ( 1 Nov 2016 Part 2)

AIB Report - Travis KC-10 Boom Mishap ( 1 Nov 2016 Part 3)                                                                                                                                                                               

FOIA Requests

To submit a FOIA inquiry online Access Link (PAL): For mailing/faxing contact the FOIA Requester Service Center where the record is located, describe the records you want as specifically as possible, and let the office know how much you are willing to pay. Furnish any facts or clues about the time, place, persons, events, subjects, or other details of the information or records you want. That will help the office decide where to search and determine what records pertain to your request. It can also save you and the government time and money, and you may get what you want faster. There is no special form to complete. Mark your request and envelope "FOIA."If dissatisfied with the response received from the AMC FOIA Requester Service Center, you may contact the  Air Force FOIA Public Liaison Office at  or (703) 614-8500.  
(Please do not send FOIA requests to this office)

Air Force Reading Room:
All reading room documents are now located in the Air Force reading room. Air Force Reading room is located at

Headquarters Air Mobility Command FOIA Manager

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