Hazardous material/articles aboard aircraft

AMC adheres to TSA guidance concerning prohibited items. A partial listing of strictly forbidden items is found below. For a complete listing of all prohibited items please visit the TSA Web site at http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/prohibited/permitted-prohibited-items.shtm.

Hazardous materials include many common items from your home, workshop, or garage which because of the physical or chemical properties can pose a danger during air transportation. The following is a partial list common items that are strictly forbidden in carry-on or checked baggage:

-- Mace, tear gas, and other irritants 
-- Aerosols containing flammable material 
-- Loaded firearms 
-- Gunpowder and primers 
-- Loose ammunition 
-- Gasoline, diesel, or kerosene 
-- Propane, butane cylinders or lighter refills 
-- Wet-type batteries (as used in cars) 
-- Safety or "strike-anywhere" matches 
-- Corrosive material 
-- Infectious substances 
-- Radioactive material 
-- Any equipment containing fuel 

The following hazardous articles may be transported in restricted quantities in hand-carried or checked baggage. A restricted quantity is what a passenger would use on a short trip.

-- Toiletry articles and medicines containing hazardous substances
-- Matches and lighters 
-- Electronic wheelchairs as checked baggage 
-- Small arms ammunition for sporting purposes when properly packaged 
-- Catalytic hair curlers without refills 
-- Oxygen cylinders used by individuals for medical purposes 
-- Dry ice in small quantities 
-- Aerosols intended for personal care (hair sprays and deodorants) 
-- Lithium batteries located in watches, computers, etc.