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Space-A Travel Registration Form

- This form is provided as a convenience for our customers.
- This form will allow Space-Available travelers to sign-up for Space-A travel by filling out information requested below
- Once the "SUBMIT" button is selected, an email will be sent to the departure passenger terminal location chosen on the form.
-(NOTE: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our automated confirmation emails. Before clicking the "SUBMIT" button, we recommend printing your completed form and taking it with you as proof of your Date and Time of sign up. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)
- If a confirmation email has not been received, users should consider contacting departure location to verify receipt and sign-up.
- HQ AMC does NOT perform the Space-A sign-up process.  This is done at the individual Passenger Terminal.

- The information requested on this form is required for Space-Available travel registration.
- Your Space-A sign-up is good for a 60-day period or when your leave expires, whichever comes first for Active Duty members.
- Date/Time of Sign-up will be established upon receipt of email at origin departure location, using the email header date and time.
- (IMPORTANT:  Due to current technical difficulties, your selected passenger terminal MAY NOT receive your space-a sign-up email.  Before clicking "SUBMIT", please Print This Completed Page OR Print Your Email Confirmation and bring it with you to the passenger terminal for verification.  An AMC Passenger Service Agent will use the Date/Time shown to establish your Date/Time of Sign-up.)

- Do not provide any additional Personally Identifiable Information or PII not requested on this form, to include your social security number.

Select Branch of Service

Passenger Information

Travel Requirements


- Active duty members must be on leave or pass status at the time of registration and for space available travel and must remain in such status throughout duration of travel, when awaiting and/or have been accepted for space available travel.

- If accompanied by dependents, service member's travel must NOT be in conjunction with a TDY/TAD (i.e. not a duty passenger traveling on orders).

- Dependents 14 years of age or older MUST possess a valid DOD ID card. For children under the age of 14, please bring documented proof of guardianship from DEERS (Click here for DEERS website)

- Your acceptance of transportation on board a DOD-owned or controlled aircraft must NOT be for personal gain, nor for, or in connection with personal business of any nature and that this trip will NOT result in any form of remuneration (pay, gift or any type of compensation) to you or your family members.

- Any violation of the above conditions could result in traveler being billed for travel and/or punitive action. 

Select Space-A Travel Category

Member requesting travel must meet eligibility requirements outlined in DODI 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility

Leave Dates - Active Duty Only

Select Sign-up Departure Location

* Indicates Restricted Space-A Travel Location, Contact Passenger Terminal for More Information/Clarification

Country Destination Choices - Passports & Border Clearance Requirements

List Up to 5 Country Destinations (e.g. Germany, Japan, USA etc.)


Email Address for Sign-up

SMS Text / Email Notifications


Email and SMS Text Notifications are now available to AMC Passengers. Space-A Passengers can opt into this new feature during the Space-A Sign-up process.  

Passengers are encouraged to provide their personal cell phone number and/or personal email address.  Currently only CONUS Cell Phone numbers (+1 U.S. Area Code) are accepted. For travelers with a Non-U.S. Cell Phone number, you may still provide your personal email address. 

OPT OUT: If you do not wish to receive travel updates, enter "DECLINED" in the fields below. 

Official DoD Email addresses will not be accepted, as most members & their dependents, will not have access to their official email 

If you provide an Email and/or Cell Phone Number in the following fields, it will be entered into GATES, the AMC Passenger Manifesting System.  This info will be used to send you email or SMS Text notifications during your travel or to provide confirmation of a Space-Available or Space-Required (Duty) travel sign-up.