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New for 2024: Pet Travel Fee Reimbursement
** AMC Pet Pamphlet, 20 October 2023 **


PCS passengers can book their dogs and cats on AMC Patriot Express flights. Movement expenses must be paid by the owner. For more information about pet reservations, contact your local transportation office.


  • Pet movement is limited to passengers in PCS status only.
  • Pet space is very limited on AMC Patriot Express flights.
  • Pet spaces are booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • To book pet spaces, contact your local Traffic Management Office/Installation Transportation Office as early as possible.
  • Orders are not required at time of booking.
  • Reservation limits: Two pets per family.
  • Pets must be accompanied by their owner and transported at owner’s expense.

Note: Eligible travelers must work directly with their Traffic Management Office (TMO) or Installation Transportation Office (ITO) to book pet reservations. AMC does not have the authority to provide an Exception to Policy, for DoDI 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility. An Exception to Policy request must be submitted through the traveler's service headquarters and receive final approval from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense.


AMC Pet Pamphlet - (As of 20 October 2023)
Provides information to assist for the transportation of pets aboard AMC Patriot Express (PE) flights in conjunction with Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

AMC Pet - Risk Acknowledgement Document (RAD) - (As of 20 Feb 2024)
Pet owner acknowledgement of the risks associated with air travel, especially for Brachycephalic (Short-Nosed) bread pets.
(Print, Read & Sign RAD. Present to Passenger Service Agent during Check-in)

Information about your pets health and their exposure to extreme heat.
Service Animals:  Statement of Assurance is required no later than 48 hours prior to aircraft departure.


  • Check-in time for AMC flights at Baltimore/Washington International Airport is no later than 2 hours and 20 minutes prior to flight departure.
  • Check-in time for AMC flights at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is no later than 3 hours and 20 minutes prior to flight departure.
  • Contact your local transportation office or AMC Passenger Terminal for more information.

Note: Passengers on Patriot Express missions may check in up to 6 hours prior to departure; but, due to limited pet storage space, you must retain custody of your pet until 45 minutes prior to boarding unless there is a suitable holding area available. All pets must remain in their kennel or shipping container while in public or terminal areas.


For pets and service animals, contact your local transportation office for specific immigration requirements to include quarantine and detention for the country to which you are shipping your pet. 

Additional information can be found in the Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide under paragraph "6. Pets/Quarantine" for each country.

Note: If you have a commercial airline flight prior to or following your AMC Patriot Express flight, contact that airline to determine if additional documentation or charges are required to transport your pet.


Be prepared to pay associated fees. Fees are charged on a per-kennel/per-mission basis depending on the combined weight (pet + kennel).

  • The combined weight of ≤70 lbs will be charged $125 (one piece of excess baggage).
  • The combined weight of 71-140 lbs will be charged $250 (two pieces of excess baggage).
  • The combined weight of 141-150 lbs will be charged $375 (three pieces of excess baggage).

Note: Fees may change. Check with your Travel Management Office/Installation Travel Office for current fees. Pet + kennel weighing >150 lbs will not be accepted for shipment.

1 January 2024:  New Reimbursement for Pet Travel Fees

2024 brings a new entitlement for personnel with pets during a PCS move.  Service members and families may now submit associated expenses for reimbursement during their PCS voucher process. The entitlement is for only one pet (dog or cat) and is limited to $2,000 for an overseas move or $550 for movement within the United States.  Travelers using AMC Patriot Express missions will receive a memo receipt for pet travel fees.  Please ensure you receive a receipt for your pet's travel fees during check-in for your flight.

For guidance on pet expense reimbursement due to a PCS, refer to the Joint Travel Regulations, Chapter 5, Part A, Paragraph 050107.


Special Notes for Service Animals

A recent Memo outlines new guidance on Service Animals and Service Animal Handler Responsibilities.

No later than 48 hours in advance of the date and time of departure, the service animal handler must provide the departing DoD passenger terminal a signed Statement of Assurance with the below information:

  • Passengers may travel with no more than two (2) properly trained service animals (dogs only). 
  • The service animal must fit on the handler’s lap or within their foot space on the aircraft. 
  • Service animals must be harnessed, leashed or otherwise always tethered within the terminal and on board the aircraft. 
  • Service animal handlers must always keep service animals under control to include restraining service animal from relieving itself in air terminals or on aircraft. 
  • Service animal handlers may be required to pay a pet fee and transport service animals in a pet carrier or pay for damage from service animals that do not follow travel requirements. 


PASSENGER TERMINAL DIRECTORY (Click on Location for Details)

AMC Commercial Gateway Information

International Airport (BWI)
Ph: 609-253-8825
DSN: 312-568-8825
Fax: 609-253-8823
DSN Fax: 312-568-8823
BWI Animal Relief Areas

International Airport (SEA)
Ph: (253) 982-3504
Flight Recording: 253-982-0555
DSN: 312-382-0555
Fax: 253-982-3243
DSN Fax: 312-382-3243
Port of Seattle pet/service animal info


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For travel-related questions, contact your nearest terminal.  See Passenger Terminal Directory at the bottom of this page.

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