Reminder to Space-A travelers: Keep in mind there is no guarantee you will be selected for a seat. Space-A travelers must be prepared to cover commercial travel expenses if flight schedules are changed or become unavailable to allow Space-A travel (Per DODI 4515.13, Section 4, Paragraph 4.1.a).


On Mar. 15, 2021, Ms. Stacy A. Cummings signed an updated memorandum establishing Space-A travel program category limitations due to COVID-19. The limitations will remain in effect until a determination is made to safely remove them. The memorandum includes that Category I (items 1-6), IV (items 26 and 27) and VI (items 42 and 46) travelers remain eligible to seek Space-A travel. Travelers under all other Space-A categories are ineligible for travel consideration, unless they possess an Exception to Policy letter as described in the lower portion of the memorandum. These limitations are necessary to preserve force readiness, health and welfare, while limiting the continuing spread of COVID-19. Medical screening protocols still apply to all travelers. Some travel exceptions apply. Additional information can be found in DoDI 4515.13 and this AMC article.

Travel eligibility (from DODI 4515.13)

Travel Instructions

1. Travel eligibility | Review Travel Eligibility Categories 1-6 (above) to determine your Space-A travel category.

2. Locations | Review common destinations offered at your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal by visiting their social media page. 

3. Document check | Ensure you have the required travel documents, e.g. passport with visas. Customs and Immigration requirements may change. Contact your departure passenger terminal for current documentation requirements or travel restrictions. Other information regarding travel documents may be found by visiting the U.S. Department of State International Travel website.

4. Registration | Contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal.

5. Flight schedules | For specific travel information, contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal or check their FB page to see the 72-hour flight schedule. 

6. Checking in | Check in at the terminal counter to mark yourself present and review updated flight information. Ensure you do not exceed baggage weight limits and are not traveling with any prohibited items. Await your Space-A call and follow instructions given to you by the passenger service agents.


Automated sign-up form | Click to fill and submit our automated sign-up form to your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal.

Manual sign-up form | Click to download, fill and submit AMC Form 140, Space Available Travel Request, to your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal.

Email sign up | Submit the below, required personal information to your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal.

Required sign-up information:

  • Email address
  • Rank/Grade
  • First Middle Last Name
  • Service branch
  • Military status
  • Name(s) of dependent travelers
  • Total seats required
  • Travel eligibility status (above)
  • Leave dates
  • Overseas travel-ready status (Required documents in-hand?)
  • Destination(s) (Sign up for up to five destinations)

Please do not provide personally identifiable information, such as Social Security numbers.

Contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal for more information.


Click to see our FAQs.

Download the passenger terminal directory. For travel-related questions, contact your nearest terminal.

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Passenger Terminal Social Media Sites


Social Media and Operational Security

Social networking sites are great platforms to connect with people and share information; however, these sites can also provide our adversaries with the critical information they need to disrupt the mission or bring harm to you and others. The more information they obtain, the more opportunities they have to cause damage at your expense. Practicing good operational security, by protecting your critical information, will minimize these risks. Practice safe social networking.