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PMEL Airman PMEL: only the most precise will suffice
JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- In a building kept at 73 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 percent humidity where even the intensity of the lights is closely monitored, Airmen calibrate tools to restore readiness and ensure reliability.The 437th Maintenance Squadron Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory calibrates tools and equipment used throughout
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Airman 1st Class William Matlock, 437th Maintenance Squadron electronics technician, uses a spectrum analyzer on Oct. 4, 2016, at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. The spectrum analyzer is used to test signal distortion, noise, and modulation for various radio frequencies. Measuring excellence by the milligram
When not supporting the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy and the Air National Guard, the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory uses its technical capabilities at Joint Base Charleston Air Base to support a range of technologies including aircraft countermeasures test sets and night vision goggle testers. “One of the difficulties is explaining something
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