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Contact Information

Pope Army Airfield AMC

Passenger Service Contact
DSN: 424-1003

Hours of operation: 
Representatives only available during Roll Call times

Welcome to the Pope Army Airfield AMC Passenger Terminal

Air Mobility Command no longer operates a passenger terminal at Pope Army Airfield (PAAF) /Fort Liberty, North Carolina. Travel opportunities and available support/amenities are limited. Space-A roll calls will be conducted from 43d Air Mobility Squadron (AMS – Building 753) lobby, 3541 Surveyor St., Pope Field, NC 28308, at advertised roll call times. Passenger Services representatives are only present at advertised roll call times. Space-A travel information may be obtained from this site or by calling Passenger Services at (910) 394-1003. Space-A travel sign up is available via drop box in the lobby of Building 753 or e-mail at: Traveler amenities and services are severely limited, to include but not limited to: no long term parking, no long term passenger holding area, limited transportation services or lodging, no vending machines/food services, and no telephone/fax/internet/e-mail.

Flight Delays/Changes

***Current as of 22 APR 2024 at 0705***
*** Please check back often, if further updates occur they will post here as soon as available ***
This message will only update if there are changes or updates to provide.