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Mask Wear is no longer required but now recommended on DoD Aircraft.

Contact Information

Scott Air Force Base Air Transportation Function
220 Heritage Drive 
Scott AFB, IL 62225


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday

Due to local mission requirements, the terminal is ONLY open on days with projected roll calls. The terminal will open 2hrs prior to scheduled departure.

72-Hour Schedule 

Space Available Sign Up

Welcome to the Scott Air Force Base Air Transportation Function

Scott AFB’s Air Transportation Function Terminal is only manned during Space-Required and Space-Available missions.

Due to local mission requirements, our terminal only opens the day of projected roll calls that are indicated in the 72-hour schedule located in the left-hand column (for Space A) or pre-coordinated Space-R movements. For both Space A and R check in/report NLT times/roll call times, please refer to said schedule. Mission allowing, the 72-hour forecast will be updated every duty day (Mon-Fri) NLT 1630L.

We are located about 20 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri, near Belleville, Illinois. 

Space-A Email Sign-up

The 375th Logistics Readiness Squadron Air Transportation Function operates with limited passenger movement capabilities.  Space-Available Sign-Up is available in the following methods:

1. The automated Sign-Up available on AMC’s Space Available Travel Page. Please follow the link provided in the quick links panel.

2. Send Passenger Sign-Up information to the org box at The following information is required:

Email address


First Middle Last Name

Service branch

Military status

Name(s) of dependent travelers

Total seats required

Travel eligibility status

Leave dates

Overseas travel-ready status (Required documents in-hand?)

Destination(s) (Sign up for up to five destinations)


Local Travel Information

The Scott AFB Air Transportation Function Terminal is located at 220 Heritage Drive, Bldg P8, Scott AFB, IL, 62225. Long-term parking is available for a period not to exceed two weeks.