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Schedule Disclaimer

***Last Updated 14 April 2024 at 2000L***

**Please check back often, updates will be posted daily no later than 1200L for the current day, or in cases of significant changes**

**We are now accepting meal purchase via credit/debit card**


Contact Information

Travis AFB Passenger Service Terminal
400 Burgan Blvd, Bldg P3
Travis AFB, CA 94535-2941

24 Hour Flight Recording
(707)-424-1854 [Option 2]
DSN: 837-1854

Service Counter
(707)-424-1854 [Option 3]
DSN: 837-1854   [Option 3]

Fax: (707)-424-2048
DSN Fax: 837-2048

Hours of operation: 0400-2200L (4am-10pm) daily, doors will open 1-hour prior to roll call time during closure hours. 

Welcome to the Travis Passenger Service Terminal - Gateway to the Pacific

Our flights serve bases in Japan, Korea, Hawaii, and Guam. 

Inactive Duty Training Passengers

Members of Reserve Components may travel in a Space-Required (Space-R) status, on DOD controlled aircraft for attendance at Inactive Duty Training (IDT) assemblies within the CONUS, between CONUS and OCONUS or within OCONUS. Official Travel Authorization (TA) documents must be presented to AMC Passenger Service Agents to be considered during the Space-R travel selection process. Approved written authorization may include a Memorandum Letter or appropriate Service Form, directing a member to perform IDT and must indicate the dates and locations of training and be signed by an approving authority other than the member. Applicable head tax/FIS fees, meal charges and excess baggage fees will be charged at check-in. All travelers must have a valid ID card and all other required travel documents (e.g., passport, visa, country clearance, etc.) as indicated by the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG).

Space Available Reminder

Per DODI 4515.13, Section 4, Paragraph 4.1.a., Reservations. There is no guarantee of transportation and reservations will not be accepted or made for any space-available traveler. The DoD is not obligated to continue an individual's travel or return the individual to the point of origin or any other point. Travelers should have sufficient personal funds to pay for commercial transportation, lodging, and other expenses if space-available transportation is not available. All associated expenses are the responsibility of the traveler.

Head Tax, Segment Fees & FIS

In accordance with public law, Head tax is a transportation fee assessed on all passengers. For Space-A passengers, head tax will be collected for passengers arriving or departing Customs Territory of the United States (CTUS) to or from Outside the Continental United Stated (OCONUS) locations on commercial contracted missions. Head tax fees will only be collected for space-a passengers traveling on DoD commercially contracted missions.

The segment fee is a head tax for CONUS to CONUS travel and will be collected from Space-A passengers traveling on commercially contracted missions, departing from a commercial airport with a commercial airport destination. A segment fee will be assessed for each segment of CONUS to CONUS travel.

FIS or Federal Inspection Service is a fee separate from head tax and will be charged only for Space-A passengers traveling to CTUS from OCONUS locations on PE (Patriot Express) missions through commercial gateways.

To view the 2022 Head Tax, Segment Fees, and FIS rate please click here


The Travis passenger service terminal can accommodate short-term parking of up to thirty days. Short term parking is only authorized to Space-A/Space-R passengers flying out of Travis Air Force Base. RV's and trailers are not authorized. For passengers desiring long-term parking, please contact the Travis Air Force Base Outdoor Recreation Center (ODR) to store your vehicle, motor home, trailer or boat.

PLEASE READ: The  short term parking lot is provided as a convenience to our customers. So that we may continue this service for everyone, the following policies apply:

  • Vehicles must meet all state and base requirements pertaining to registration, licensing, insurance and safety.
  • Lot use is first come first serve basis.
  • Time limit: 30 days maximum. Vehicles exceeding the time limit are subject to citing and towing. Vehicles violating the 30 day limit will not be permitted to return for a minimum of 30 days.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the patron to maintain sufficient insurance for damage or loss, vandalism or theft. The Air Force, the United States Government, and its employees are not responsible in any way for vehicles incurring loss or damage while parked in the short term parking lot (passenger terminal parking). There is a 2 hour parking limit in front of the Passenger Terminal.