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”It is recommended that all individuals wear masks on DoD conveyances (e.g., aircraft, maritime vessels, and buses) and in Government cars, vans, or other low occupancy transportation assets when more than one person is present.”


All passengers arriving aboard the AMC Patriot Express will now be transported to the Bahrain International Airport (BIA) where they will claim their baggage and process through immigration and customs at the new commercial airport facility. Sponsors are advised to meet their inbound travelers at the International Airport arrivals area-- no longer NSA 3.

NSA 3 will remain the pet quarantine area, but will no longer be the pickup area for passengers. Pet owners will be required to return to NSA 3 after processing at BIA to claim pets. Bahrain Customs will allow a sponsor to pick-up pets with a copy of the owner’s passport and pet import permit.

The AMC Terminal will download pet owners from the aircraft first to obtain their information and allow them to see their pet. All Passengers arriving on the Patriot Express will clear through the Bahrain International Airport (immigration, customs and baggage claim).



Effective immediately, arriving passengers aboard the AMC PATRIOT EXPRESS are now received at the Bahrain International Airport. Military travelers will not wear military uniform into the Bahrain Civilian Airport. Furthermore, will not transport weapons, weapons parts or magazines of any kind aboard on PATRIOT EXPRESS commercial aircraft into Bahrain.

The following items are prohibited for commercial flights (this includes AMC PATRIOT EXPRESS) arriving at Bahrain International Airport and are subject to quarantine or confiscation:

* Weapons and associated holsters.

* Weapon parts to include bolts, locking blocks, empty magazines and other maintenance pieces.

* Weapons accessories to include sights, optics, and laser target illuminators/designators.

* Ammunition and explosives.

* Kevlar helmets.

* Individual body armor to include plate carriers associated ceramic or ballistic plates.

* CBRN-D equipment to include gas masks, filters, and decontamination kits.

* Tactical vest attachments to include ammunition and grenade pouches.

* Law enforcement equipment to include handcuffs and other restraints.

* Knives to include multi-tools, leathermans, dive knives and military uniform swords.

* Green laser pointers or any color laser pointer above 100-mw power.

* Communications equipment to include encryptors, commercial or military radios, satellite phones, executive voice kits, key loaders, and hard drives (that do not have customs pre-clearance from HNCC-B.

* Unmanned systems to include aerial, surface, and underwater systems.



Contact Information

FPO AE 09838

Service Counter
(+973)17859009 / (+973)17326178
DSN: (318)439-9009 / (318)439-9591


Hours of operation: 24/7


On behalf of NAVCENT and CTF53, Welcome to the Kingdom of Bahrain and we hope you have an enjoyable stay!

Our AMC/USN operated Terminal is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and standing ready to support your military travel requirements.

We hope that you will find this website useful to you as you plan your military air travel.

Should you have any questions concerning your military travel please contact us on DSN: 318-439-9009/318-439-9591 or Commercial: 00973-1785-9009/00973-1785-9591.  You can also email us at

We look forward in serving you now and in the future. We wish you a pleasant and memorable experience.

Click here for information on Arrival into Bahrain.


Space Required Passengers

Please see our 72 Hour Flight Schedule to see all Roll call times for pre-booked passengers & Space required passengers. Please call our AMC Passenger Service Terminal/Center for any questions.

Space Available Passengers

On 22 April, 2022 OUSD(A&S) reinstated all Space-Available Travel Program Categories as defined in Department of Defense Instruction 4515.13, “Air Transportation Eligibility,” Change 6.

Please submit required documents at a minimum of 15 working days prior to intended flight. 

Please Contact NAVCENT Space A Coordinator for Space-Available authorization required documents, you can reach them on: NAVCENTSPACEACOORDINATOR@US.NAVY.MIL 

Contact: (DSN)318 439-8198 or (Commercial): (+973)1785-8198

           Additional Information

Passengers are reminded that Baggage limitations are: 2 bags per individual, limited to 70 pounds maximum weight per bag and not to exceed the dimensions of 62 linear inches, unless otherwise stated on your orders. Passengers may have one carry-on bag and one personal item, that must fit under any aircraft seat.

Traveling with Pets

Click here for your Pet Travel Document Requirements

 IN –CABIN Pet Carrier Dimensions are not to exceed L18” x  W11” x H10.5” .

Click here for more information on  Arrival of Pets into Bahrain.

We strive on providing you with the best possible service. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns during your visit.


*** Please check our 72 hour Schedule regularly for the most up to date times ***

Flight Updates/Delays/Changes





Counters open at 21:30 local on 25 MAY 2024 for passengers destined to NORFOLK via SIGONELLA and ROTA holding a confirmed reservation (PCS, FUNDED TAD / TDY). 

NOTE: Duty Passengers, baggage, pet(s) check-in must be completed NLT 23:00 local on  

25 MAY  2024

Space-A roll call will commence at 23:00 local on 25 MAY 2024. 



       **** All flights are subject to change or delay without notice ****

**** Please check our 72-hour Schedule regularly for the most up to date times ****

**** Flight schedules are updated daily at 2300 local ****


Local Travel Information


We are going cashless from 27 June 2023.We will only accepting card payment for all the transactions (excess baggage, Pet fees, Space-A head tax and federal inspection fee).

Travel to U.S.A.

Passengers travelling to US, on the Patriot Express must be prepared to present Hard copies of their Travel Orders.

Click here for the required Travel Documentation.

Click here for US Customs and Border Clearance Requirements.


Travel to Diego Garcia

Advance Travel Requirements: All personnel seeking approval to travel to Diego Garcia confirm lodging availability, and receive an approved Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) request prior arrival at Diego Garcia. The Diego Garcia point of contact can be reached at “  ”

Click here for more information on Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS)

Please check this page often.  Updates will be listed as soon as available.  This message will only change if there are further updates to provide.  Our website is the best place to confirm flight status and travel updates.