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The Patriot Express no longer operates from RAF Mildenhall, UK.  
Please be aware that service animals (considered pets under UK regulation) are not allowed to enter the UK at RAF Mildenhall.
Space Available travel on other aircraft departing RAF Mildenhall is still available.  Please see the 72 Hour Schedule link below.

Contact Information


RAF Mildenhall Passenger Terminal,
Bury St. Edmunds,
Suffolk, IP28 8NF

Service Counter
44-1638-54-2248 Option 2
DSN: (314) 238-2248 Option 2
Fax: 44-1638-54-7426

Hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (may vary pending missions)

Welcome to the AMC RAF Mildenhall Passenger Terminal

Welcome to Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) passenger terminal at RAF Mildenhall, Gateway to the United Kingdom. The passenger service personnel are dedicated professionals that take great pride in providing you the very best service. If you have questions or problems during your travel, contact any of our quality passenger service representatives. Your comments help improve our customer service, please supply feedback on our performance by using an ICE comment card or the Passenger Terminal Survey form found in the main lobby and place in the box provided.

There is no base transportation service at RAF Mildenhall. A Taxi service is available on base, rental car and bus services are available off base. See our AMC Gram for further details. Additionally, lodging on and off-base has limited capacity.

On behalf of the 727th Air Mobility Squadron, we look forward to serving you now and in the future! Fly AMC!



*** All flights are subject to change or delay without notice ***
*** Please check our 72 hour Schedule regularly for the most up to date times ***