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Tunner 60K Loader


MissionTo provide rapid deployment and sustainment of forces supporting U.S. security interests, humanitarian operations, and disaster relief missions.

The Tunner 60K aircraft cargo loader/transporter built by DRS Technologies, Inc (formerly Southwest Mobile System) is a highly mobile vehicle system that can transport up to six pallets of cargo at a maximum speed of 23 mph. Its versatile deck elevates from 39 inches to 18.5 feet high and employs a powered conveyor system to move cargo. The deck has pitch, roll, yaw and side-to-side adjustment for quick, efficient interface with military and commercial cargo aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, B-747, L-1011 and DC-10. The Tunner's adjustable hydraulic pendular suspensions provide a 151-inch wheel-to-wheel width for loading/unloading and transport operations, and can be rotated inboard 180 degrees for air or truck transport. The suspensions are also hydraulically adjustable to facilitate driving the loader on or off the C-5 or C-17 for air transport.

The Tunner 60K aircraft loader entered the fleet in 1997 as a replacement for the 40K aircraft cargo loader and wide body elevator loader as part of the Air Force's material handling equipment fleet modernization. A total of 318 Tunners were procured with deliveries concluding in March 2005 vastly improving capabilities to Air Force aerial ports worldwide.

General Characteristics
Weight (unloaded): 65,000 lbs
Width (operational): 171 in.
Width (air transport): 109 in.
Length: 49.3 ft.
Deck Height (variable): 39 in. to 18.5 ft.
Maximum Speed (loaded): 23 mph
Maximum Payload: 60,000 lbs
Turning Diameter: 98 ft.