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  • Halvorsen Loader

    Mission The Halvorsen Loader is a rapidly deployable, high-reach mechanized aircraft loader that can transport and lift up to 25,000 pounds of cargo and load it onto military and civilian aircraft. Features The loader built by JBT AeroTech (formerly FMC Airport Systems) is highly mobile and can transport a full load of cargo at a maximum speed of
  • How to Become a CRAF Carrier

    What is CRAF?The Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program is a voluntary contractual program where US civil air carriers agree to augment organic military airlift during a crisis in exchange for access to peacetime defense business. During peacetime, regional contingencies, and major exercises, CRAF carriers voluntarily contract to fulfill personnel
  • How to Become a DOD Approved Air Carrier

    HOW TO BECOME DOD APPROVED The requirements for Department of Defense (DOD) approval of commercial air carriers used for the transportation of DOD personnel and cargo are established as follows: · Title 10, US Code, Section 2640 · DOD Instruction 4500.53 · 32 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 861 Commercial air carriers wanting to do business