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Space-Available Travel Email Sign-Up

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Use Our New Automated Space-A Email Sign-up Form.

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To Sign-Up For Space-A Travel, You May Fill Out An AMC Form 140, Space Available Travel Request, And Bring or E-Mail It To Your Desired AMC Passenger Terminal. Another Option Is To Simply Provide All Of The Required Passenger Sign-Up Information In The Body Of The Email When Sending It To The Terminal.

Required Sign-Up Info:

  • Email Address
  • Personal Info (Rank/Grade, First Middle Last Name)
  • Service Branch (AF, Army, Marines, Navy, CG)
  • Status (Active, Guard, Reserve, Retired etc.)
  • Other Travelers (Dependents Names)
  • Total Seats Required
  • Travel Status (See Travel Eligibility-Category I-VI)
  • Leave Dates (Start-End Leave Dates )
  • Overseas Travel Ready Status (Have Required Passports/Visas etc.)
  • 5-Destinations (Sign-up for up to 5 Destinations e.g. Germany, USA, Japan, Alaska, or Hawaii)        

Please Do Not Provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

Passenger Terminal Contact Information May Be Found By Clicking HERE.

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Travel informtion ?

Have a Question About Space-A Travel?

For Questions on Space-A Travel, Please Contact the Closest AMC Passenger Terminal or the Terminal At the Location You Intend to Depart From.  Your local TMO/ITO may also be able to provide Official Travel Information

AMC Passenger Terminals Can Provide Answers Pertaining to Flight Schedules, Duty & Space-A Eligibility and Other Information Specific to that Location.  A List of Phone Numbers & Email Contact Information for Several Air Force Passenger Terminals, May Be Accessed by Clicking On the Link Below. 

Passenger Terminal Contact Info 

Most Terminals Have a Facebook Page!  You May Post Questions on Their Page and it Will Be Answered Within 24hrs. Links to These Pages Can Be Found On the AMC Travel Page.

AMC Passenger Terminal Locations (interactive map)



  • CLICK HERE for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
  • If you require additional or more specific travel information, contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal or your intended departure location.  
  • CLICK HERE for the Passenger Terminal Contact Information Directory.
  • If you have any questions about this webpage, please contact HQ Air Mobility Command Passenger Policy Office at Commercial Ph. No. 618.229.4593 or by Email at ORG.AMCA4-71@us.af.mil.

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OPSEC For social media and travelers

Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter, are great ways to connect with people, share information, and market products and services. However, these sites can also provide adversaries, such as terrorists, spies and criminals, with the critical information they need to disrupt your mission and harm you, your co-workers, or even your family members.  The more information adversaries can obtain, the more opportunities they have to cause damage at your expense.  Practicing good operations security  will minimize the risks that come from participating in SNSs, and help you to recognize and protect your critical information..

Read this "SAFE SOCIAL NETWORKING" document for more information!

legal stuff - Space a travel

Title 10 USC 2641b: Space-Available Travel on Department of Defense Aircraft  

  Space-available travel on Department of Defense aircraft: 

  Program Authorized and Eligible recipients:


(1) The Secretary of Defense may establish a program (in this section referred to as the "travel program") to provide transportation on Department of Defense aircraft on a space-available basis to the categories of individuals eligible under subsection (c)

(2) If the Secretary makes a determination to establish the travel program, the Secretary shall prescribe regulations for the operation of the travel program not later than one year after the date on which the determination was made. The regulations shall take effect on that date or such earlier date as the Secretary shall specify in the regulations.

(3) Not later than 30 days after making the determination to establish the travel program, the Secretary shall submit to the congressional defense committees an initial implementation report describing­

(A) the basis for the determination;

(B) any additional categories of individuals to be eligible for the travel program under subsection (c)(S);

(C) how the Secretary will ensure that the travel program is established and operated in compliance with the conditions specified in subsection (b); and

(D) the metrics by which the Secretary will monitor the travel program to determine the efficient and effective execution of the travel program.


(1) The Secretary of Defense shall operate the travel program in a budget-neutral manner.

(2) No additional funds may be used, or flight hours performed, for the purpose of providing transportation under the travel program.

  (c) ELIGIBLE INDIVIDUALS.  Subject to subsection (d), the Secretary of Defense shall provide transportation under the travel program (if established) to the following categories         of individuals:

      (1)  Members of the armed forces on active duty.

      (2)  Members of the Selected Reserve who hold a valid Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card

      (3) Retired members of a regular or reserve component of the armed forces, including retired members of reserve components who, but for being under the eligibility age                     applicable under section 12731 of this title, would be eligible for retired pay under chapter 1223 of this title.  

      (4) Such categories of dependents of individuals described in paragraphs (1) through (3) as the Secretary shall specify in the regulations under subsection (a), under such                     conditions and circumstances as the Secretary shall specify in such regulations.

      (5) Such other categories of individuals as the Secretary, in the discretion of the Secretary, considers appropriate.

  (d) PRIORITIES AND RESTRICTIONS In operating the travel program, the Secretary of Defense shall-

(1) in the sole discretion of the Secretary, establish an order of priority for transportation under the travel program for categories of eligible individuals that is based on considerations of military necessity, humanitarian concerns, and enhancement of morale;

(2) give priority in consideration of transportation under the travel program to the demands of members of the armed forces in the regular components and in the reserve components on active duty and to the need to provide such members, and their dependents, a means of respite from such demands; and

(3) implement policies aimed at ensuring cost control (as required by subsection (b)) and the safety, security, and efficient processing of travelers, including limiting the benefit under the travel program to one or more categories of otherwise eligible individuals if considered necessary by the Secretary.




Welcome to the Air Mobility Command Travel webpage. Space available (Space-A) Travel is a privilege that may offer substantial savings for your leisure travel plans.  My team strives to provide a vast variety of information for our travelers to use in their travel preparations for your desired destination.  Please take some time to explore the information provided on this site that will assist you in your travel planning.  If for some reason you cannot find the information you need or have any questions or concerns, please contact the AMC Passenger Terminal closest to your departure location for additional assistance.

Brig. Gen. Steven J. Bleymaier
AMC Director of Logistics, 
Engineering and Force Protection


Passengers seeking Space-Available or Space-A travel:  Please keep in mind that there is No Guarantee that you will be selected for a seat.  Please be aware that Space-A travelers must be prepared to cover commercial travel expenses if flight schedules are changed or become unavailable to allow Space-A travel. Per DODI  4515.13, Section 4, Paragraph 4.1.a, Reservations: There is no guarantee of transportation, and reservations will not be accepted or made for any space-available traveler.  The DOD is not obligated to continue an individual's travel or return the individual to the point of origin or any other point.  Travelers should have sufficient  personal funds to pay for commercial transportation, lodging, and other expenses if space-available transportation is not available.


Travel Instructions

1 - Travel Eligibility
Review TRAVEL ELIGIBILITY Categories I-VI, to determine your Space-A Travel Category.

2 - Locations
Review common destinations offered at your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal by visiting their Social Media Page. 

3 - Document Check Ensure you have the required travel documents, such as your passport along with any required visas.  Customs and Immigration requirements may change, contact your departure passenger terminal for current documentation requirements or travel restrictions. Other information regarding travel documents may be found by visiting the U.S. Department of State International Travel website.

4 - Registration
You can register in-person at a local AMC Passenger Terminal by speaking directly with a passenger service agent or by FAX or E-mail.

5 - Flight Schedules
For specific travel information, please contact your nearest Passenger Terminal or check your Passenger Terminal Facebook Page for their 72-Hour Flight Schedule. 

6 - Checking in
Check-in at the terminal counter to mark yourself present and review updated flight information.  Ensure you do not exceed baggage weight limits and are not traveling with any prohibited items.  Await your Space-A call and follow instructions given to you by the passenger service agents.