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Flying With Pets On The

Patriot Express

PCS Passengers Can Book Their Pets (Dogs & Cats), On the AMC Patriot Express Flight!


Movement Expense Paid by the Owner

Inquire With Your Local Transportation Office

for Pet Reservation Details.

Snub Nosed Animals (Brachycephalic)

All pets are susceptible to the risk of heat stroke, respiratory problems and the possibility of death during travel. The risk is increased for snub or pug nosed pets.

For health and safety concerns, it is recommend that pet owners discuss their pet’s susceptibility to complications with their veterinarian prior to air transport and ensure your pets kennel has adequate ventilation.

Kennel Size & Weight Requirements

Pet Travel Information & Links

Pets and Immigration

Pet Immigration Requirements

Pets, Service Animals, and ESA's

Contact your local transportation office for specific immigration requirements to include quarantine and detention for the country to which you are shipping your pet.  Additional information can be found in the (Click Here): CONUS Country Instructions under paragraph "6. Pets/Quarantine" for each country.  The transportation of Service Animals and ESAs is subject to country quarantine procedures.  When it is necessary to detain a service animal/ESA pending a determination of admissibility, the traveler will provide detention facilities that are satisfactory to the quarantine officer.  The passenger will bear the expense of such detention, including necessary examinations, vaccinations, and other expenses incurred.

NOTE:  If you have a commercial airline flight prior to or following your AMC Patriot Express (PE) flight, contact that airline to determine if additional documentation or charges are required to transport your pet.

Additional Pet Information

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