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COVID-19 Pet Travel Information


 Due to the COVID-19 Worldwide Pandemic,   Commercial Air Travel may be extremely   limited.  This greatly reduces opportunities for   passengers to PCS with pets that do not meet   DoD or AMC Pet Travel Guidance. 

 Pet travel is restricted to passengers in a PCS   status. Travelers may work directly   with their   TMO/ITO office to book pet   reservations on   AMC Patriot Express flights.

Per DoDI 4515.13, "Air Transportation Eligibility", Pets are limited to Dogs and Cats only and no more than 2 pets per family and only authorized while in a PCS Travel Status. In accordance with Hq AMC guidance, pet owners must ensure their pets, including kennel, meet size & weight restrictions.  Pets must be able to move freely inside their kennel and not exceed 150 pounds. 

Please See Our AMC Pet Brochure for More Details. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Pet Travel - Exception to Policy Request

AMC does NOT have the authority to provide an Exception to Policy

for DoDI 4515.13 "Air Transportation Eligibility". 

Exception to Policy (ETP) may be submitted for consideration through member's Service Headquarters using their Chain of Command.

Final approval rests with Office Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD). 

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