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Coronavirus Travel Requirements & Information Advisories

  See below for important COVID-related travel advisories.
  For CDC-related travel information, click here
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  • Overview
    In response to COVID-19 concerns, the Department of Defense issued domestic and international travel restrictions March 13 for all service members, DoD civilians, and their families assigned to DoD installations, facilities and surrounding areas within the United States and its territories. While the COVID-19 pandemic still presents risk, the improving conditions warrant a more conditions-based, phased approach to personnel movement and travel, yet unless all the conditions of the memo are met, the current stop movement will remain in effect. The conditions to resume unrestricted travel rests on two overarching factors: 1) state and/or regional criteria, based on the administration’s Opening Up America Again guidelines and 2) installation-level factors based on conditions surrounding DoD installations, facilities, and locations.
  • COVID test requirement for personnel movement to the RoK
    Visit the link below for important information about COVID test requirements for personnel movement to the Republic of Korea:
  • Space-A Travel Program Category Limitations
    On Mar. 15, 2021, Ms. Stacy A. Cummings signed an updated memorandum establishing Space-A travel program category limitations due to COVID-19. The limitations will remain in effect until a determination is made to safely remove them. The memorandum includes that Category I (items 1-6), IV (items 26 and 27) and VI (items 42 and 46) travelers remain eligible to seek Space-A travel. Travelers under all other Space-A categories are ineligible for travel consideration. These limitations are necessary to preserve force readiness, health and welfare, while limiting the continuing spread of COVID-19. Medical screening protocols still apply to all travelers. Some travel exceptions apply. Additional information found in DoDI 4515.13. See also this AMC article.
  • Face Covering Requirements
    On May 20, 2021, the U.S. Transportation Command directed the use of face coverings when traveling on aircraft or while at transportation hubs such as airports or AMC APOE terminals.  Vaccination status does not exempt a passenger from wearing a mask.  Passengers may temporarily remove their mask for eating or drinking, but they should reapply their mask as quickly as possible.  Acceptable face coverings shall extend above the nose without interfering with eyewear, and below the chin to cover the mouth.  Additionally, AMC passenger terminals are conducting two tiered screening to include temperature checks and medical screening.  Click HERE to read more on CDC travel guidance.
  • Pet Travel
    Pet travel on AMC Patriot Express flights is restricted to passengers in PCS status. Eligible travelers may work directly with their TMO/ITO to book pet reservations. AMC does not have the authority to provide an Exception to Policy (ETP) for DoDI 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility. An ETP request must be submitted through the traveler's service headquarters and receive final approval from OUSD. Visit our pet travel page or see our AMC Pet Brochure for more pet travel information. Additional information is available on CDC.gov.
  • Germany Entry Requirements
    Germany has a digital registration requirement for most passengers.  Passengers departing the U.S. and other countries identified as “virus variant areas”, “high incidence areas”, or “risk areas” must register on www.einreiseanmeldung.de prior to departure to Germany.  In addition to other required documentation, these passengers must be able to provide proof of registration (hardcopy, phone screenshot, digital pdf, etc.) to Passenger Service Agents.  Please check the Foreign Clearance Guide for the most up-to-date information.
  • Spain Travel Advisory for PCS & deployment travelers
    Effective immediately, all passengers traveling via USTRANSCOM airlift bound for Spain must possess proof of a negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test. The PCR test must be administered no earlier than 72 hours prior to projected arrival in Spain. Travel to Spain will be denied to any passenger failing to meet this criteria. Passengers must possess the original certificate or supporting document of the PCR test, written in Spanish and/or English, and presented in paper or electronic format. The document must contain the traveler's name, passport or ID number, test date, identification and contact details of the testing center that performed the analysis, the testing technique used, and a negative test result. The Abbot Rapid ID testing (swab in nose, 15-min turnaround) currently being conducted at Baltimore and Seattle APOE passenger terminals does not satisfy this requirement. This requirement does not apply to passengers who do not exit the plane.
  • Turkey Travel Advisory for PCS & deployment travelers
    The Republic of Turkey requires all military and civilian personnel (DoD civilians and contractors supporting the U.S. military) entering Turkish military installations to be administered COVID Polymerase Chain Reaction testing within 72-hours prior to arrival in Turkey. Travelers should receive a COVID rapid PCR test no earlier than 48 hours before scheduled departure time from BWI and have two hard copies of results clearly documenting negative PCR results prior to departing their home station/region for BWI Airport. Please contact your Installation Deployment Readiness Center or your local Military or Civilian Personnel Section for further details.
  • Pillow & blanket service termination
    As of May 11, 2020, pillow and blanket service has been permanently terminated on all AMC organic missions (e.g. C-17, C-5).  Commercial charter aircraft (i.e. Patriot Express missions) suspended pillow, blanket and hot towel service indefinitely.  Passengers are encouraged to bring like-items in their carry-on luggage for use during air travel.