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Space Available Travel Immigration and Border Clearance Requirements

The following Customs and Immigration border clearance list is not all inclusive, but it provides information pertaining to countries AMC serves on a regular basis.

Numbered Notes:
(1) Proof of United States citizenship.
(2) Passport.
(3) Visa.
(4) Yellow fever vaccination required if entering from an infected area.
(5) Cholera immunization required if entering from an infected area.
(6) Bilingual leave authorization in Portuguese and English or French and English may be used in lieu of passport for military personnel.
(7) Tourist card recommended instead of visa.
(8) Preclearance from United States Defense Attaché Office (USDAO).
(9) Leave authorization containing the following statement may be used in lieu of passport for military personnel:
"La persona a quien esta orden pertenezca esta autorizada por las autoridades militares competentes de los Estados Unidos de America para entrar o salir de Espana en mision oficial vestido de civil o militar."

Lettered Notes: 
(A) Passport or visa requirement does not apply for active duty military personnel. (B) When traveling to Japan for tourist purposes, a visa is not required if length of stay is 90 days or less. 

Custom Requirements
*See "Numbered Note" and "Lettered Note" above.

ATTENTION: These requirements are subject to change at any time by each country. Recommend you verify the requirements for your destination with an AMC terminal, travel agent, or other airline serving that country well ahead of your anticipated departure date.


Argentina (2)(3)(4)(5) 
Australia (2)(3)(4) 
Azores Islands (2)(4)(6) 
Bahrain (2)(3)(4) 
Bermuda (1) 
Bolivia (2)(4)(7) 
Brazil (2)(3)(4) 
Chile (2)(4) 
Colombia (2)(3)(4)(8) 
Ecuador (2)(4) 
Egypt (2)(3)(4)(5) 
Germany (2)(A) 
Israel (2)(3) 
Italy (2)(5)(A) 
Japan (2)(3)(A)(B) 
New Zealand (2) 
Panama (2)(3)(4)(5) 
Paraguay (2)(3)(4) 
Peru (2)(4) 
Republic of Korea (2)(3)(5)(A) 
Saudi Arabia (2)(3)(4) 
Singapore (2) 
Spain (2)(4)(9) 
Thailand (2)(3) 
Turkey (2)(4) 
United Kingdom (2)(A) 
Uruguay (2)(4) 
Venezuela (2)(3)(4)

Environmental Morale Leave (EML) Program

Environmental Morale Leave (EML) Program

The Environmental Morale Leave (EML) Program is offered to all active duty military personnel, all DoD civilians with travel agreements, command sponsored dependents, and those categories of personnel who are designated by the Combatant Commanders. Designated/Authorized EML destinations are also the responsibility of the Combatant Commanders. There are two types of EML, Unfunded EML (UEML) and Funded EML (FEML). EML orders are good for 90 days from the date EML orders are issued.

Funded EML: This benefit allows travelers to travel in a duty status and utilize either scheduled commercial or military aircraft to a designated/authorized EML destination. 
Unfunded EML: This benefit allows travelers to travel in a space available status aboard military aircraft or commercially contracted missions to a designated authorized EML destination. When traveling with military sponsor the travel category is Cat II.

EML Categories of Travel 

CAT II - EML (Environmental and Morale Leave):
Sponsors on environmental and morale leave (EML) and accompanied family members. Military personnel must be on ordinary leave. Any other type leave such as convalescent or overseas tour extension incentive program (OTEIP) with EML is not authorized.
DoD Dependent School (DoDDS) teachers and their accompanied family members in EML status during school year holiday or vacation periods.

Category IV - Unaccompanied dependents on EML:
- Unaccompanied family members (18 years or older) traveling on EML orders. Family members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member who is traveling EML.
- DoDDS teachers or family members (accompanied or unaccompanied) in an EML status year round.

Fast Facts about EML:
- Sponsors and their accompanied dependents travel in category II. 
- Unaccompanied dependents travel in category IV. 
- Dependents must be at least 18 years old to travel unaccompanied. 
- Only one (1) EML location is authorized per trip. First designated/authorized EML destination reached EML travel stops 
- EML passengers may remain on the space A register for 60 days or until leave expires, whichever occurs first. 
- DOD civilian employees must be in a non-duty status to register and remain in this status for as long as they are signed up. 
- Your unit will publish EML orders using applicable directives. Only two (2) EML trips a year.