Fitness Resources

Spiritual Fitness

Take advantage of these programs to improve your spiritual resilience. (Note: Check with your local chapel to learn about the offerings at your base.) 

Spiritual Retreats

At numerous times throughout the year, the chapel community offers spiritual retreats for Airmen, their families and other AF community members. Whether a day trip, weekend excursion, or longer period of downtime, the chaplains can give you a boost in your spiritual walk individually, as a couple, or as a family. For more information, contact your local chapel.

Worship and Prayer Services

Connecting to a higher power through prayer or meditation is often viewed as a critical element in spiritual growth. In addition to a whole host of religious worship services, the chapel assists in arranging prayer groups and partners. Many chapels have prayer lists and prayer chains where one can add his/her name, or reach out to prayer for others. For more information, contact your local chapel.

Religious Education

Spiritual development is often attained through rational intellectual inquiry, coupled with a deep appreciation of the sublime. To assist military members and their families in this pursuit, the chapel offers a wide range of groups, classes, lectures and forums. For more information, contact your local chapel.

Pastoral Counseling

Chaplains can help you delve into the great life questions, such as "What does it all mean?" and help you find your inner purpose.  They can also offer secular, non-clinical counseling with the security of confidentiality (see "Mental Fitness" for more information.)

Resources Library

In an effort to facilitate religious and spiritual growth, the chapel offers a wide range of spiritually enhancing resources: books, videos, audio presentations, etc. Stop by your chapel to see what resources are available to borrow. 

Caring for Caregivers 

Counselors and therapists of all kinds sometimes need to take counsel with others. Compassion fatigue can take its toll on anyone. And in those times, the shoulders of a chaplain can offer the support and understanding that are critical in reinvigorating a fellow caregiver. For more information, contact your local chapel.

Wounded Warriors Ministry

The healing of body and spirit is a symbiotic relationship. From the battle zone combat trauma care centers to the CONUS medical facility, chaplains play an integral role in helping to restore the totality of the individual in body, mind and spirit. In the hospital, at the Aeromedical Staging Facility, aboard the Critical Care Air Transport, in convalescence, and in the homes, chaplains are a vital element in nurturing spiritual recovery.