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Changes made to family care plans

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Significant changes were made to AFI 36-2908, Family Care Plans. FCP ensures that military families are taken care of during drills, annual training, mobilization and deployment. Some changes specifically impact those military members who may deploy. Here is the rundown on the new FCP requirements.

Categories of military personnel who must have an FCP:

· Single parents.

· Dual-military couples with dependents.

· Married service members who have children under the age of 19, but their spouse is not the biological parent of the child.

· Those fully responsible for dependent family members.

In addition, civilian and contractor personnel in emergency essential positions stationed in the continental United States are strongly encouraged to establish FCPs.
Members should notify Military Personnel Services customer service and their commander or first sergeant within 30 days of a change in personal statutes or family circumstances, such as:

· The birth or adoption of a child.

· The loss of a spouse through death, separation or divorce.

· A civilian spouse's enlistment or commissioning in the military, active duty or Reserve component, when the couple has children.

· Assumption of sole care for an elderly or disabled family member.

· Civilian spouse is absent or travels frequently due to career or job commitments or other personal reasons.

When an FCP is needed, the military member must ensure that he or she completes an AF IMT 357. The member must also ensure that the caregiver is familiar with base agencies and how they can support the family. The member should give a copy to anyone who is appointed as a caregiver. A copy is required to be kept either with the Commander's Support Staff, the member's first sergeant or the member's commander. It's a good idea to give a copy to day care, doctors or schools.

In addition to the FCP, deploying members should come to the legal office and complete a special power of attorney for their caregiver. This power of attorney gives the caregiver designate in the FCP the legal authority to act on the member's behalf at schools, hospitals or in other situations that may come up while the parent is deployed.
Every Air Force member is expected to be available at all times to perform their military duties. They have a responsibility to be up to date and familiar with relevant AFIs. Take a look at AFI 36-2908 and see how the changes affect Airmen.

More information and a power of attorney form is available by visiting your local legal office for more details.