Air Force Portal -- a new standard for Web access

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Air Mobility Command kicked off its Air Force Portal registration campaign March 1. The two month-long campaign is a command-wide effort to have all AMC personnel register for an Air Force Portal account by April 30.

Today's Air Force Portal isn't what AMC personnel may have experienced in the past. The portal has been updated, providing a one-stop shop for many Web-enabled resources that can be tailored to personal needs and requirements.

The goal is to help Air Force people do their job better by improving the quality of information they retrieve from the Web. Recent activities to upgrade the portal's capabilities are the first steps in an effort to provide Air Force members a single point of entry for all applications, systems, and resources necessary to accomplish their jobs.

Portal users will find the most recent improvements include a robust set of tools and Web content. But to get access to the Air Force Portal, AMC personnel need to register for an account. Registration is easy. Simply click on the "Self-Registration Page" link found at, and follow the instructions.

To make the registration process as painless possible, the AMC Air Force Portal Team established campaign points of contact at the headquarters and base level. Campaign POCs will track each unit's registration process. Commanders and supervisors are encouraged to support the registration campaign with announcements at commander's calls, all hands meetings, flight meetings, through e-mails, and other internal information venues.

The benefits of having an account are numerous. New capabilities to the portal include instant messaging to .mil and .com sites, access to TRICARE, Virtual MPF, and Air Force military and civilian self service Web pages, and a host of other services.

Other features currently operational or in the planning stages include:

-- The ability to choose the information that will be presented at log in, including one-click access to sites and applications Air Force members use in their jobs, user-specific U.S. Air Force career and benefits information, and access to communities of interest.

-- Site information can be tailored to the needs and interests of Air Force members based on information in their personal profiles.

-- A capability that allow Air Force Portal users to collaborate, share knowledge and manage projects online in a virtual workspace.

Future enhancements call for a single sign-on for password protected applications, which will eliminate the need to remember and supply multiple user IDs and passwords.

The Air Force goal is to transform the way our people do business and improve the way they work. The Air Force Portal is the key enabler to reach that goal.

Register now and experience today's Air Force Portal. For more information, call the local portal campaign POC or send an e-mail to AMC's Air Force Portal Team at