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AMC kicks off 101 Critical Days of Summer


Memorial Day marks the start of Air Mobility Command’s 101 Critical Days of Summer Safety Campaign, encouraging all Airmen to make sound decisions, when participating in summer activities.

The annual safety awareness campaign, which runs through Labor Day weekend, is designed to help counter the risks associated with the summer season, a time of year where warmer weather provides more opportunities for Airmen to participate in risky activities.

“Every year, healthy and productive Airmen are injured or killed in avoidable accidents because they made a poor decision,” said Gen. Carlton D. Everhart II, AMC commander. 

In addition to the campaign kick-off video, AMC is providing multiple sources of media and educational information, including mishap scenarios discussion topics to spark conversation between Airmen and help instill the importance of personal risk management.

Preventable mishaps lurk around every corner during the summer time.  Because of this, it is imperative Airmen assess the risk of activities and make sound decisions based on these assessments. When activities are coupled with heightened excitement, peer-pressure, and alcohol or even fatigue, the line between sound decisions and poor decisions blurs, increasing the chance for mishaps to occur.  Because of this, a culture of personal risk management is needed.  It’s your life, do you really want to risk it over something unnecessary?

The goal of the CDS campaign is zero fatal mishaps. In 2017, AMC achieved this goal for the second year in a row, and only the third time in AMC’s history. 

However, the Air Force as a whole, wasn’t as fortunate, losing 10 Airmen.  

We cannot afford to lose a single Airmen, especially from something that was completely avoidable” Everhart said. “This is why AMC continues to do what we can to combat senseless mishaps.