Update: Air Force BMT graduation and schedule

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Basic Military Training will temporarily graduate new Airmen in training week seven.

To fully maximize training effectiveness and space utilization to mitigate COVID-19, the U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training will accelerate BMT from eight and a half weeks to seven weeks of training according to Col. Michael Newsom, BMT commander.

This will allow BMT to restructure and enhance social-distancing requirements across the training campus to ensure the safety and security not just for the trainees, but for the Military Training Instructors, other active-duty members, civilians and contractors that support the mission.

Also, there will be rescheduling of recruit accessions to maintain social distancing mitigation efforts as to how BMT is innovating how Airmen are trained in order to meet the national security needs of the nation.

Therefore, all trainees in the BMT pipeline will graduate one week earlier than scheduled and ship directly the next day to their technical-training assignment.

All graduations will continue to be livestreamed.

The upcoming graduation schedule is as follows:

**Editor’s Note: Graduation times for Facebook live will be published the week of graduation on the U.S.Air Force Basic Military Training Facebook page.

Graduating Flights: 09 April 2020: Flights 257 thru 286

Graduating Flights: 16 Apr 2020: From 320 TRS: Flights 287 through 302

Graduating Flights 23 Apr 2020: From 323 TRS: Flights 303 through 318

Graduating Flights:30 Apr 2020: From 331 TRS: Flights 333 through 348

Graduating Flights: 7 May 2020: From 324 TRS: Flights 349 through 362

Graduating Flights: 14 May 2020: From 737 TRSS: Flights 363 through 376