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AMC hosts over 200 industry partners for Summer Industry Preview 2022

  • Published
  • By Air Mobility Command Public Affairs
  • Air Mobility Command

Air Mobility Command hosted its first Summer Industry Preview for over 200 DoD and Industry partners on Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, July 12-14, 2022. 

The event called upon industry partners to help solve operational challenges AMC overcomes every day to provide mobility support to the joint force and featured presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and discussions with subject matter experts and senior leaders close to the problem sets.

“It all boils down to this: the team that can sense and seize opportunities in the battlefield better is going to win – and win decisively,” said Gen. Mike Minihan, AMC commander.  “To be clear, we are getting after the rapid closure and reduction of these gaps to meet the timelines required for current, real world threats.  If we are not rapid in closing these gaps, America’s peace, prosperity, and prestige are at stake.  That is where you come in.”

Industry partners were challenged to develop sustainable, scalable solutions leveraging existing infrastructure within four main categories: command and control, navigation, maneuver under fire, and tempo.  This includes cloud-based systems and digital infrastructure that integrates AMC systems to benefit from and contribute to command and control systems. 

Col. Bradley Rueter, AMC Commander’s Initiative Group director, said the American warfighter will be challenged by threats that flow instantaneously from multiple sources in an environment that is an order of magnitude more complicated than anything ever operated in or envisioned before.

“We must develop technology that sustains en-route logistics while we simultaneously navigate through multi-domain threats and create dilemmas for the adversary,” said Rueter.  “We require the ability to understand what is going on in the real world, including red forces, blue forces, and everyone in between.”

Maj. Gen. Kyle Kremer, AMC Strategy, Plans, Requirements, and Programs director, stressed these problem sets extend beyond AMC.  Eliminating AMC’s gaps eliminates gaps within joint force operations. 

“Effective rapid global mobility is vital for the joint force to dominate,” said Kremer. “Connectivity and agility built into our mobility systems will provide the decision advantage for our joint force to sense, make sense and then seize opportunities faster than our peer and near-peer competitors.  That equates to lethality!”

The command showcased their Rehearsal of Concept to attendees, a winning scheme of maneuver within the Pacific region reliant on interoperability between commands services and commands.  The ROC was also presented to over 50 distinguished visitors, which included senior leaders from Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, Air Education and Training Command, Air Force Material Command, Headquarters Air Force, National Guard, and various program offices.

Minihan, who recently returned from staff-to-staff talks with U.S. Pacific Air Forces and spent the last decade in the region prior to his current position at AMC, emphasized that AMC’s solutions must be aligned with U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and Pacific Air Forces strategy. 

“We had a real conversation about warfighting in the Pacific from the component perspective, as well as the joint perspective,” said Minihan. “Their opinions matter a lot, and we came away with a deep understanding of what we have to get after to win.”

Within his closing comments, Minihan thanked the industry partners as he peeled off the AMC patch on his shoulder to present it to the audience.  

“When you see someone with this patch on, it will be this team that provides the meaningful maneuver to the joint force,” said Minihan.  “Through your partnerships, you will provide AMC the tools required to outpace our adversaries and win.”

Industry partner solutions will be presented at the Airlift/Tanker Association Industry Interface Day during the A/TA Symposium in October.