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Training in the 21st Century

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mercedes Porter
  • 317th Maintenance Group

The 317th Airlift Wing recently supported an Air Mobility Command training initiative called Targeted Training Video (TTV). Over a two-week period, multiple members from the 317th Maintenance Training Section and the 7th Equipment Maintenance Squadron supported videographers, graphics developers, and instructional designers from the 367th Training Support Squadron. The team was able to perform and record 12 different flightline and back shop maintenance tasks across five different Air Force Specialty Codes.


The TTV is a unique training platform that enables maintainers from any location to watch pre-recorded tasks. The videos can be used as a secondary means to facilitate training or serve as a refresher for maintainers that have not performed specific tasks in a while. As complex as military defense systems and equipment are, it's difficult to master and maintain proficiency for every single job that Airmen may need to perform. Having a readily available media source for technicians to watch before performing a task for the first time, or before working a job they haven't performed in a while, will help ensure our people and aircraft are prepared to win the fight!


"One of our Wing's priorities is to relentlessly prepare for mission operations,” said Maj. Cheyenne Clement, 317th Maintenance Operations. “To do this, we need to ensure our forces are trained and equipped to the best extent possible."


In a previous article, VR enhances Dyess' training capabilities, the 317 AW's premier Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR/MR) Training Lab was highlighted. By leveraging cutting-edge, commercial VR/MR training solutions, the 317th AW reduced aircraft downtime for training - increasing aircraft availability to support real-world missions – while simultaneously improving training retention and saving the U.S. Air Force millions of dollars. In addition to the TTV initiative, the 317 AW also assisted Air Education and Training Command with capturing new aircraft and Petroleum, Oil, and Lubrication equipment VR scans. Over the course of a week, a dozen members from the 317th MTS, Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and 7th Logistics Readiness Squadron performed various maintenance tasks that will result in the creation of 18 new VR training simulations. Once complete, those VR simulations will become immediately available to every compatible VR/MR training lab across the USAF, regardless of Major Command.


"We are always excited and eager to support training initiatives like these,” said Tech. Sgt. David Pederson, 317th Maintenance Group training manager. “It's truly amazing to be a part of something with such a high level of impact."


The TTV tasks will take time to fully process but all tasks are expected to be available by mid-March. They will initially be uploaded to milSuite but will eventually migrate to MyLearning.