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AMC commander, command chief visit the Gateway to the Pacific during MG23

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexander Merchak
  • 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.— With Mobility Guardian 2023 well underway, U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Minihan, Air Mobility Command commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Jamie Newman, AMC command chief, visited numerous AMC locations, including Team Travis, July 11 - 12, 2023.

Mobility Guardian 2023 is AMC’s largest full spectrum readiness exercise in the command’s history and Minihan was here to observe the strategic role Travis AFB plays in the region.  

“Everything that’s special about this [AMC] patch exists on this base,” said Minihan. “There is not another power projection platform on the planet that is more important than this base. Your efforts are being felt globally because of the work being done on this base.”

This is the largest Exercise Mobility Guardian in the command’s history with more than 3,000 mobility Airmen participating across the Indo-Pacific area of responsibility demonstrating all tenants of Rapid Global Mobility, maneuvering the Joint Force, and integrating with our Allies and partners. Team Travis deployed more than 400 personnel, including aircrew and support teams from the C-17 Globemaster III, C-5 Super Galaxy and the 60th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

Team Travis was emphasized as a strategically important node identified as one of the key mobility touchpoints visited by higher headquarters as part of MG23, further highlighting Travis as the “Gateway to the Pacific.”

“Travis demonstrates tremendous support to the Indo-Pacific region on a regular basis,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Derek Salmi, 60th Air Mobility Wing commander. “Mobility Guardian is an opportunity to showcase our ability to succeed with our allies and sister services in providing rapid global mobility on any scale. We’re no strangers to the trials of an operationally limited environment and we welcome this opportunity to show that we’re prepared to address these challenges and support the Joint Force in all aspects of combat operations.”

MG23 features a wide range of refueling and transport aircraft working with thousands of Joint service members and international Allies and partners to practice interoperability across airlift, air refueling, aeromedical evacuation, air mobility operations (Global Air Mobility Support System), and command and control in contested, degraded, and operationally limited environments. Many different units supported the heavy lift to seven different countries where U.S. Airmen worked side-by-side with multiple partner nations.

During MG23, land, naval, air, and defense forces from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will conduct operations alongside U.S. Joint Force elements while spanning 3,000 miles.

“It should be evident by now that success of the Joint Force requires a capable and integrated Mobility Air Force,” Minihan said in a statement released when MG23 kicked off. “MG23 will turn planned integration into operational integration within the theater, stretching MAF capabilities to meet future demands and, protect shared international interests with our Allies and partners.”

Minihan stressed preparation for MG23 was not limited to a small group of planners, rather it was a whole of force effort taking heed to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr.’s directive to “Go Faster.” When he took command in October 2021, Minihan propelled the command toward droves of unconventional but risk-informed approaches, guiding the way AMC projects mobility forces across the globe.

As Minihan concluded his visit in California, the Travis team spread across the globe supporting MG23 and the air mobility mission.  

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