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Airmen embrace challenges, enhance interoperability at MG23

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  • By Courtesy article

Mobility Guardian 23 was designed to explore the logistic challenges presented in the Indo-Pacific, while enabling more than 15,000 U.S. and international global forces to conduct simultaneous exercises in the Indo-Pacific.

Lessons observed from Allies and partners and from across the Joint Force throughout MG23 will become lessons learned as the coalition works to perfect logistics across the Pacific.

“The AMC command team has clearly articulated the need to transition observations from ‘lessons observed’ to ‘lessons learned,’” said Lt. Col. Daniel Fry, deputy division chief, AMC Readiness Inspections. “That process will require reflection, prioritization, and a realistic plan of action to address the changes the command will need to make to advance readiness.”

MG23 planners created a realistic exercise designed to address Mobility Air Force objectives while enabling maneuver within the Indo-Pacific. The focus of the exercise was to support Joint and coalition partners, while advancing AMC’s ability to operate in theater.

Experimentation of technology and concepts, such as the Air Force Generation Model and Global Air Mobility Support System, were integrated into the exercise and tested alongside Allies and partners.
“To realize the full measure of what was observed in MG23, AMC will need to evaluate priorities and then align resources to pursue the readiness initiatives and change needed to operate with connectivity and agility,” said Fry.

MG23 participants submitted more than 350 observations which are being pushed up to higher headquarters and also taken back to their home units to improve processes.

“A lesson and takeaway for me has been how we can build up our support elements back at home to be able to answer these types of requirements,” said Maj. Sarah Grace Aglubat, A6 director, 628th Communications Squadron. “Whether that’s buying the proper equipment or ensuring our Airmen are trained the way they need to be in these types of settings.”

One of the most significant impacts of Mobility Guardian 23 was the enhancement of Allied Forces interoperability in operationally limited environments across several key areas such as airlift, aerial refueling, aeromedical evacuation, command and control and humanitarian relief and disaster assistance.

“The biggest success is the learning that is occurring across the Mobility Air Force as well as for PACAF, USINDOPACOM, our allies and partners and the countries and locations where MG23 has been executed,” said Mr. Allen Moore, Air Force Lessons Learned program manager, Lamay Center. “The ability to work together with our partners has been integral to the success of this exercise. It has really been a great win for us and for the Air Force.”