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USAFEC commander publishes FY24 strategy to institutionalize gains

  • Published
  • U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center Public Affairs

Maj. Gen. John Klein, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, published the unit’s strategy defining how the USAFEC will institutionalize its gains to sustain, advance, and adapt throughout Fiscal Year 2024.

“Over the past 365-days, the USAFEC Enterprise has moved fast to accelerate change and develop a level of adaptability that has prepared Airmen to compete, deter, and win in a high-end fight,” Klein said. “The FY24 Strategy will serve as the foundation for enhancing unity of effort throughout the command as we charge into the coming year.”

Klein’s new strategy focuses on five lines of effort to drive the mission:

Forge warrior hearts,

Integrate training and certification,

Global Air Mobility Support System command, control, and connectivity,

Hone next-generation capabilities and

Transform USAFEC’s enterprise management.

Implementing these five lines of effort, the strategy highlights the importance of institutionalizing the progress made in FY23 to advance USAFEC operations, activities, and investments. An example of this can be taken from Exercise Mobility Guardian.

“During Mobility Guardian 23, Air Mobility Command captured valuable insights about simultaneously steering deployments through two air operations centers and multiple lines of communication,” Klein said. “To fully and rapidly employ GAMSS forces to set the theater in the high-end fight, the USAF requires codified command relationships, improved policy and doctrine, and resiliently-connected forces.”

“Now is the time to institutionalize our FY23 gains and lessons learned, advance our emerging concepts, and solidify our Airmen’s posture to prevail,” the general continued.

The new strategy also stresses the importance of forging warrior hearts within Airmen.

“We must prepare our Airmen for the challenges ahead,” Klein said. “We have to develop great culture and prepare our Airmen to persevere through adversity. We want to make them feel valued and a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Klein went on to express how the Airmen have what it takes to ensure we reach our end state and can accomplish anything necessary to win the next big fight.

“We’ve made great strides toward Agile Combat Employment and developing our Multi-Capable Airmen,” Klein said. “It’s never been more clear that the Airmen in this enterprise provide the foundation of victory for the Joint force.”

The Expeditionary Center has a unique set of functions that it fills. The center is comprised of two Air Mobility Operations Wings that allow the Air Force to project the joint force globally; the USAF’s only Contingency Response Wing that helps respond to emerging situations at a moment’s notice, as well as fortifying relationships with partners and allies through Air Advisors; Joint Bases that allow Airmen to project forces and integrate seamlessly with sister services; and the Expeditionary Operations School which helps train and educate the entire Air Force for expeditionary warfare.

Read the full USAFEC Strategy here.