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AMC command chief highlights Mobility Airmen

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Shelina Frey
  • Air Mobility Command

Happy Holidays! Air Mobility Command enjoyed an extremely successful year because of the work our Mobility Airmen do to accomplish the mission each day. Their commitment to excellence is unrivaled, and it shows with all they do. I must offer a tremendous THANK YOU to our Mobility Airmen and their families as well. Their families’ support and sacrifices enable our Airmen to generate Rapid Global Mobility for America. 

Our Airmen are second to none! They enable an Air Mobility aircraft to take off nearly every 2.8 minutes. Those Mobility aircraft fueled the fight against Da’esh, delivered aid in Ecuador after a devastating earthquake, evacuated family members and pets from Turkey during the ordered departure, delivered injured service members from deployed areas of responsibility to medical care, transported our nation’s leaders around the globe… And, so much more! What’s even more remarkable is that our Airmen do this seamlessly while facing great adversity. 

In spite of budget constraints, continuing resolutions and manpower shortages, our Mobility Airmen get out there and get it done! I couldn’t be more proud of this outstanding team of professionals. From our maintainers who work on the flightline in freezing temperatures or soaring desert heat, to our security forces who work 14 hours or more daily to secure our bases and people, to our finance Airmen who ensure we get paid on time, to our Airmen who plan and analyze operations, to the communications Airmen who maintain our network and communications capabilities – or any number of the many duties necessary to execute air mobility around the globe – they always get out there and get after it! We expect a lot of our Airmen. I know our Airmen are working extremely hard and face challenges. We are always looking for ways to better support them. I am inspired by the pride they display in executing the mission with such skill and determination.

The end of the year offers the perfect opportunity for us to reflect. I hope that when Mobility Airmen think back on the year’s accomplishments they realize that AMC and the Air Force’s success is because of them. During the holidays, I want our Airmen to make sure to enjoy time with family and friends and to relax and decompress. If you’re an Airman in need, let your Air Force family know – we are here for you. It’s important our Airmen continue to be there for their Wingmen. Sometimes, the holidays present their own stressors, and we owe it to our Wingmen to look out for them.

With our tremendous success over the past year, I’m looking forward to what Mobility Airmen are going to bring to the table next year. Get ready for the great things that are to come in 2017! From Mobility Guardian, to the KC-46, to hopefully a resolved resolution and additional manpower – wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season.