Rodeo Interview with Rodeo Commander (February 2007)

McChord AFB, Wash. -- February 20, 2007 interview with Major General David "Scott" Gray, Rodeo 2007 commander.

Q.  As the Rodeo Commander, what are your top priorities for Rodeo 2007?
A.  Safety is the first priority for Rodeo 2007.   To have a tremendously good event; to show tactics, techniques, and procedures; to validate training programs; to update tactics with command and coalition partners; and to have fun.

Q.  Do you expect Rodeo 2007 to surpass the participation level of previous Rodeos?
A.  Yes; we currently have 20 U.S. teams and 27 international teams signed up (13 of the international teams will compete; the rest will observe). In 2005, we had 15 international teams participate.  Expected participation could be twice as much as in Rodeo '05.

Q.  How will Rodeo demonstrate the positive effects of Total Force integration?
A.  Just like normal, everyday operations in AMC, we can't do Rodeo without Total Force.
Historically, they (Guard and Reserve teams) have done very, very well at Rodeo.  Total Force is the way AMC operates and the way Rodeo operates.

Q. If you could talk directly to every Rodeo competitor, what would you say?
Practice hard, come prepared to work hard, concentrate on safety, do it by the books, plan on learning, plan on making new friends not just from our country but from others, and I promise you that you will have fun.  Use your heads, fly safe.