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AMC roadshow hits the streets

  • Published
  • By Candy Knight, Air Mobility Command Public Affairs
SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. — Air Mobility Command’s annual officer development roadshow continued this month with visits to Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. 

The purpose of the roadshow is to share the latest information and career development opportunities available to AMC officers. Members from the command’s force development division travel to different AMC bases and units to provide career field development updates. 

“Essentially, we brief AMC company grade and field grade officers on the latest developmental opportunities and program initiatives,” said Maj. Heidi Pallister, AMC’s chief of officer and civilian development. “We’ll talk briefly about promotions, development team vectors, and rated staff and general career progression.”

AMC’s roadshow season runs from August to June, however the team is available at any time should a commander or senior leader request a briefing. 

Although the roadshow’s target audience is mobility pilots and navigators, all officers are invited and encouraged to attend, Pallister said. 

“Any officer is welcome to attend because there is lineage within the information that maybe helpful to that individual officer, regardless of if the officer is a pilot or not,” she said. 

According to Lt. Col. Jaron Roux, AMC’s chief of force development, the in-person interaction the roadshow team provides is an important aspect to the program. 

“Providing that face-to-face interaction allows us to accomplish three goals: educating the audience on opportunities, provide individuals with a place to go and seek advice on their career path, and help educate leadership and equip them with tools to better develop their officers.”     

Roux stated AMC’s success is reliant on the deliberate development of all Airmen — enlisted, officers, and civilians, The roadshow is just one way AMC is assisting its Airmen achieve their career aspirations.    

“In a nutshell, the roadshow is the vehicle from which we spread, and share, the AMC commander’s vision of continued investment and development of AMC’s Airmen,” he said. “We’re there to help facilitate and answer their questions about various force development topics.”

For more information about the roadshow, including their next scheduled briefing, or to request the team visit your base, email AMC’s officer and civilian development team at