Bars, stars mark family's promotion day

U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs -- A young officer had her second lieutenant bars pinned on during a ceremony that also saw two stars pinned on her father at the Academy Visitors' Center, May 30.

Brig. Gen. Del Eulberg, director of Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., advanced to the rank of major general as his daughter Kasey Eulberg became a second lieutenant.

But, it wasn't always a done deal. Nor was it the first time she saluted him.

"I first saluted my father as a four degree when he came out for parent's weekend on the ramp leading up to the chapel," said the new Air Force lieutenant from Boerne, Texas, who will become a scientific analyst at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.

She said it has become one of their favorite memories.

Second Lieutenant Justin Eulberg was unable to attend the ceremony.

As a 2004 Academy grad, Justin's first lieutenant pin-on date was June 2. He was in C-130 training at Corpus Christi, Texas.

The general and the new second lieutenant did a teleconference two days later with Kasey administering the oath as her older brother from the Class of 2004 pinned on his new rank.

She said her brother always wanted to go to the Academy, but she wanted to stay as far away from it as possible.

"My junior year in high school I was looking at different universities and decided to give the Academy a chance and at least look into it," she said. "When I did that, I realized that the Academy offered all of the opportunities and challenges I was looking for. My parents were shocked when I told them I decided to apply."

It was the exposure to the military lifestyle she gained from growing up in the Air Force that made the transition to becoming a military member much easier for her than many of her classmates.

The family followed the general to assignments in Germany, Saudi Arabia and Hawaii and elsewhere in the United States.

"There were many things I took for granted, and thought everyone knew, such as common Air Force acronyms or where to go on base to find what you need," said the general's daughter.

"I gained many different things from every move I experienced, however the exposure to different cultures in Germany and Saudi Arabia helped me keep an open mind about different cultures and appreciate what we have in America," said the recent graduate. "I was able to pick up different languages very easily as a child and had some of my best school experiences while living overseas."

Both General Eulberg and his wife, Karen, are pleased that their children chose the Air Force as a way to serve.

"Every parent prays their children will have opportunities to contribute to their community and country," said the 1978 Academy graduate. "Karen and I have been blessed because our children had those opportunities and worked hard to achieve their goals and graduated from the Academy."

Rank and a career spent wearing Air Force blue does not blunt parental worries, he said.
"Your pride as well as your concern for their safety is the same for every parent. I can only feel pride that both Kasey and Justin made the decision to serve," General Eulberg said. "Having been raised in the military, they have seen the incredible sense of family that the military has, as well as the sacrifices that families have been asked to bear."