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Default Air Force Logo Empowerment: More than just a word
I am a first-term Airman at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota. I am approaching one year time on station and getting close to achieving the next skill level in my job.At this stage in my career, my number one focus is on training and mastering my job. All Airmen are expected to "check the boxes" in order to complete their training, but how
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Default Air Force Logo Informal leaders make a difference
Are you taking advantage of the leadership opportunities in front of you? Do you pick up the ball and run with it when it comes to taking care of issues that impact your work center?I'm talking about that individual who has no formal title or authority, but influences everyone around them. We've all seen this person. They're knowledgeable, trusted
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Default Air Force Logo What does resiliency mean to you?
How the tough keep going when the going gets tough is a question that's been on my mind over the past couple of weeks. So, how do people remain calm and cope under pressure when they're on the verge of a meltdown due to a relentless workload and impossible deadlines?The word that comes to my mind is resiliency. The essential tool to resiliency is
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Default Air Force Logo Through a survivor's eyes
Why don't you like sleepovers anymore?" asked a curious girl in my pre-teen dance class.This was a question I was asked frequently, so I gave the response most people wanted to hear, that I don't like being away from home.When I was 16, I offended people when I quickly jerked away and almost bolted out of rooms when they tried to hug me. My friends
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Chief Master Sgt. Lashanda Cleveland was promoted at the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst on Fe. 29, 2016. (U.S. Air Force photo/Danielle Brooks) My Journey and the Lessons Along the Way
Editor's note: In recognition of Women's History Month we asked one of our senior leaders, Chief Master Sgt. Lashanda Cleveland, 423rd Mobility Training Squadron superintendent, to share how she found success during her 22 year journey in the Air Force. The 423 MTS uses both in-residence and on-line instruction to deliver 56 courses to over 33,600
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Default Air Force Logo To be a better Airman, be a brave lobster
While on the Internet last week, I came across two videos I think illustrate important lessons for every Airman. The first video was of a speech by Dr. Ken Robinson. Robinson, an educator and author, told this great story about his son's school nativity. Most of us are familiar with the nativity and the wise men who brought three gifts to Joseph
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Airman 1st Class Mariette M. Adams, a photojournalist with the 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs office, transitioned from an Air Force spouse to an active-duty member on Dec. 29, 2014. Adams’ transition gave her insight into the daily responsibilities of an Airman that she could not grasp as a spouse. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Staff Sgt. Shandresha Mitchell) Reversing roles: military spouse to military member
"It's only two months, I'll be fine. It's such a short time, no need to cry," I kept telling myself over and over again.I put on a brave face and kept my emotions in check as I gave my fiancé, Landon, one last hug and kiss before he went through airport security to fly out to Air Force basic military training (BMT).That strong face melted away the
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Default Air Force Logo Inclusion means believing in yourself and each other
The strength of the Air Force is our Airmen; and they come from diverse experiences and backgrounds across our great nation. Within AMC, we value this diversity and consider it essential to attracting and developing the best minds and talents to accomplish the complex mission we take on every day around the world.Inclusion is just as critical as
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621 CRW Commander Future of Contingency Response: the D-E-V-I-L is in the details
How will the Air Force utilize the contingency response mission in the future? What capabilities will be required to execute that mission? What are the future conditions we will be required to operate under?These questions and many more were at the heart of a recent Contingency Response Commanders Conference hosted by the 621st CRW at Joint Base
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Master Sgt. William Garcia, 436th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron first sergeant A first sergeant's pride
It was about 11 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2016, when I decided to get up from behind my desk and do something for my maintainers. It was a chilly day, so I figured hey, why not bring them something to keep them warm on this very cold morning. I grabbed some hand warmers to hand out to them while they were out on the flight-line working in what I
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