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  • My experience with Green Dot training

    I volunteered to teach this new program, Green Dot, without really understanding what it was all about. All I really knew was that it involved bystander intervention, in some way, shape or form.I searched online, read a few articles and saw the program was designed to stop personal violence, which includes bullying, abuse, stalking, dating
  • Fairchild Youth Center’s hard work reaps rewards and awards

    Recently, the Fairchild Youth Center was honored three times for its efforts and achievements in the areas of outdoor adventure programming, daily participation increases, and desire for science, technology, engineering and mathematics outlets.Through the Youth Center’s affiliation with the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Youth Programs section
  • PTSD awareness leads to positive treatment

    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can be debilitating in some patients, but thanks to advancements in research and the continued training of mental health providers, treatments are getting better all the time.Maj. Joel Foster, Chief of Air Force Deployment Mental Health, said treating PTSD has improved dramatically in the last 20 years.“Twenty years
  • Training for new civilian performance management program now available

    Educational training is available to civilians and their supervisors in advance of the Air Force's April 2017 transition to the new
  • An Indian woman's journey into the Air Force

    Growing up on Willingdon Island, nine degrees north of the equator along the shores of the Arabian Sea, I had the privilege of living childhood in paradise--warm ocean breezes, swaying coconut palms and wild monsoons. I spent my days chasing crabs, swimming, waving passing ships and letting my imagination run wild. I would stare hard into the
  • The Grass is Green Where We Water It

    "Man, I can't wait to get outta here. It's gonna be nice to get away from all this nonsense. I wish my boss was like..."How many times do we say or think something along these lines? It's easy for us to have a "grass is greener on the other side" approach to life. Escape seems easy because it requires no effort. However, we eventually find
  • People first, mission always

    If you've been around long enough, you've heard the phrase "mission first, people always."Today's Airmen are busy. Whether its high ops tempo, constant deployments, or low manning, our Airmen are being asked to do more and more every day. Nothing is more important than accomplishing the mission - except for taking care of the people you
  • Before leading Airmen, leaders must first lead themselves

    How many times have you said to yourself, my supervisor couldn't lead themselves  out of a wet paper bag? However, as you say that to yourself, how do you prepare yourself to lead others? Before you supervise others, you must first be able to lead yourself. This article describes five key points of self-leadership. The first trait for a leader is
  • Hold the Rope

    Years ago, I heard a quote that has stayed with me throughout my career. I can't remember the author's name, but I'm sure his words have been in numerous inspirational speeches. The piece is titled, "Hold the Rope.""Hold the rope. On every team no matter what sport, game, occupation or gathering there is that one person. This person is not
  • Empowerment: More than just a word

    I am a first-term Airman at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota. I am approaching one year time on station and getting close to achieving the next skill level in my job.At this stage in my career, my number one focus is on training and mastering my job. All Airmen are expected to "check the boxes" in order to complete their training, but how