• Halvorsen Loader

    Mission The Halvorsen Loader is a rapidly deployable, high-reach mechanized aircraft loader that can transport and lift up to 25,000 pounds of cargo and load it onto military and civilian aircraft.Features The loader built by JBT AeroTech (formerly FMC Airport Systems) is highly mobile and can

  • Negatively Pressurized Conex (NPC) and NPC Lite (NPCL)

    FeaturesDesigned in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States Transportation Command's Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) request for the high-capacity airlift of COVID-19 passengers, the NPC and NPCL systems enable safe isolation of and in-flight medical care for HCID individuals,

  • Transport Isolation System (TIS)

    MissionThe Transport Isolation System (TIS) is an infectious disease containment unit designed to minimize risk to aircrew, medical attendants, and the airframe, while allowing medical care to be provided to patients in-flight.FeaturesA TIS, in its basic configuration, consists of one antechamber

  • Tunner 60K Loader

     MissionTo provide rapid deployment and sustainment of forces supporting U.S. security interests, humanitarian operations, and disaster relief missions.FeaturesThe Tunner 60K aircraft cargo loader/transporter built by DRS Technologies, Inc (formerly Southwest Mobile System) is a highly mobile