Space Available Travel: Reserve and Guard members

Travel for Inactive Duty Training (IDT)

Members of Reserve Components may travel in a Space-Required (Space-R), or Duty status, on DOD controlled aircraft for attendance at IDT assemblies within the CONUS, between CONUS and OCONUS or within OCONUS.

Official Travel Authorization (TA) documents must be presented to AMC Passenger Service Agents to be considered/selected for travel during the Space-R travel selection process (Roll Call).  Approved written authorization may include a Memorandum Letter or appropriate Service Form, directing a member to perform IDT and must indicate the dates and locations of training and be signed by an approving authority other than the member. Applicable Head Tax/Federal Inspection Service (FIS) fees, meal charges and excess baggage fees will be charged at check-in.

All travelers must have a valid ID Card and all other required travel documents (e.g., passport, visa, country clearance, etc.) as indicated by the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG).

Travel for Guard and Reserve 

When not on Active Duty, authorized National Guard members and Reservists as well as authorized Reserve component members entitled to retired pay at age 60, also known as “Gray Area Retirees”, may fly within the CONUS and directly within/ between the CONUS and Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.  Guam and American Samoa travelers may transit Hawaii or Alaska.  Dependents are not authorized to travel Space-Available (Space-A) with these members.

In order to fly Space-A, Guard, Reserve and members of the Standby Reserve who are on the active status list must present a Military ID Card and DD Form 1853, Authentication of Reserve Status for Travel Eligibility. The same is true of retired Guard and Reserve personnel entitled to pay at age 60, but have not reached retirement age 60. This "Gray Area" retirement eligible group must present their ID Card (Red) and retirement eligibility notice or possess a red DD Form 2 which has been generated from the DEERS database.

Reserve or Guard members on Active Duty in excess of 30-days, may travel Space-A to any location authorized for Space-A travel on presentation of a Military ID Card, activation orders, and a valid leave authorization or evidence of pass status as required by the service concerned. Dependents are authorized to travel when accompanied by members on active duty in excess of 30 days.

For Space-A travel eligibility:  Once the retirement age of 60 is reached and member is receiving retirement pay, no distinction is made between Reserve/Guard retirees or active duty retirees.  Dependents of these retirees are authorized to travel Space-A when accompanied by their service member sponsor.