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  • Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery comes to MG21

    ALPENA, Mich. -- “Team One!” shouts Danni Manyweathers, an expeditionary operations analyst for the Readiness Division under the Air Force Civil Engineering Center’s Modernization Section. “The excavator has engine problems and will be out for the duration … the bucket has stopped working.”Manyweathers’ words immediately trigger the team of Air
  • Multi-Capable Airmen execute Mission Type Orders at Exercise Mobility Guardian

    ALPENA COMBAT READINESS TRAINING CENTER, Mich. -- Airmen were challenged to execute Mission Type Orders for the first time at a large force exercise during Exercise Mobility Guardian 2021, May 15 – 27, accelerating the mission despite degraded communication capabilities in contested environments.MTOs demonstrate the Air Force principle of
  • Mobility Guardian 2021: AMC debuts first large-scale virtual command center

    Air Mobility Command premiered a proof-of-concept for a next-generation all-domain command and control platform during Exercise Mobility Guardian 2021, May 25, 2021.
  • With Flare: Super Galaxy visits Eglin for countermeasures testing

    Part of two-month 96th Cyberspace Test Group flare test program.
  • POL drives ACE during Exercise Mobility Guardian

    ALPENA, Mich. -- Air Mobility Command petroleum, oils and lubricants Airmen pushed the boundaries of Agile Combat Employment and how it pertains to expeditiously refueling aircraft during Exercise Mobility Guardian, May 15-27, 2021.Throughout the exercise, POL Airmen received hands-on training on the Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System, Fuels
  • Aerial Port of the Future initiative comes to Exercise Mobility Guardian

    ALPENA, Mich. -- Among the many innovation ideas and collaborative efforts taking place behind scenes of Exercise Mobility Guardian 2021 is the initiative, Aerial Port of the Future.Air Mobility Command is collaborating with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to modernize the logistics force, developing digitally-adept Airmen by updating
  • 6th LRS tests Airmen in simulated contested environment

    Members from Team MacDill participated in a large-scale readiness exercise to continue pushing the Air Force Chief of Staff's initiative, ‘Accelerate Change or Lose.’ The LRE took place from May 19 through May 21 and was divided into two phases. Phase one focused on generation, the rapid mobility of aircraft, personnel and assets, according to Maj. Tyner Apt-Hill, the operations officer with the 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron.
  • Air Force, Army showcase joint capabilities during Mobility Guardian

    ALPENA, Mich. -- Air Mobility Command partnered with the Kentucky and Michigan Army National Guard to transport and deploy M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems during Exercise Mobility Guardian, May 15-27, 2021.Mobility Guardian includes AMC’s first large-scale training on Agile Combat Employment, setting the standard for the role mobility
  • Multi-capable Airmen sustain strategic deterrence during Mobility Guardian

    After 28 years, Airmen once again flew tankers out of Oscoda; moreover, they sustained the strategic deterrence mission by providing on-site support services during Exercise Mobility Guardian, May 15-27, 2021. 
  • Mobility Guardian 2021: AMC tankers train data link communication system, extend strategic deterrence capability

    OSCODA, Mich. -- Airmen and tankers from across Air Mobility Command participated in Exercise Mobility Guardian 2021 to test cutting-edge tactics and concepts at Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport, May 15-27, 2021. Aircrew and mission planners operating KC-135 Stratotankers, KC-10 Extenders and the KC-46 Pegasus came together for AMC’s premier readiness