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  • Do the American people care about us anymore?

    Do you ever wonder if the American people even care about its military members anymore? Does it really matter that we're working so hard to push aircraft and people and cargo into a country like Afghanistan that doesn't seem to hold the American public's interest anymore?We've been in so many surges, and experienced numerous surges to the surge,
  • 54th Airlift Squadron flight attendants part of TFI

    Most people have never heard of an Air Force flight attendant, let alone a Total Force Integration -- flight attendant, or TFI-FA. The reason they may have never heard of a TFI-FA is because the 54th Airlift Squadron at Scott Air Force Base is the only TFI unit of FAs in the Air Force. In the short time I've been stationed here, I have had the
  • Do you feel lucky?

    "Do you feel lucky today?" For those of us who remember "Dirty Harry" Callahan -- Clint Eastwood's role in detective movies -- these infamous words were identified with an extreme situation with a potentially disastrous result."Dirty Harry" posed his question as a challenge, identifying a situation of grave risk, requiring an immediate assessment
  • The Airman

    It's cold, dark and rainy outside. The thoughts that come are cold and dark too, swirling inside the Airman's head. Life sucks. Perhaps the problem's at work. Maybe it involves a personal relationship. It could be the Airman's in trouble and thinking about the consequences. As the sky clears, a friend stops by. They talk. "No, I wasn't thinking
  • Comprehensive Airmen extends to civilians

    As the Air Force sets new parameters to tackle the health and wellness of our Airmen, the following discussion will not solely focus on the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness paradigm. Rather, I'd like to dig deeper into the color and make-up of our Airmen across the board and discuss much deeper issues infiltrating our "total force." The Air Force is
  • Be a Wingman who makes a difference

    There is no doubt that our Airmen are performing at an intensity level not found even a few years ago. Deployments, exercises, the day-to-day mission--much depends on the ability of our Airmen to perform consistently at high levels for success. That intensity is recognized by a culture that celebrates excellence and success, and the Air Force does
  • How can you say thank you?

    As uniformed members in today's military, many have experienced a "thank you." Since the tragic events which devastated our nation on Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have taken the time to greet service members by saying, "Thank you." Sometimes the gratitude is disguised as a retail discount; others offer charitable gratitude towards a military cause.
  • Faith, family, Air Force

    In the fall of 1998, I was in a room at the Pentagon with 49 other captains. We'd heard from several senior leaders during the past several weeks and were waiting on another colonel to brief us. Previous topics from other leaders were typically on the mission of the organization from which they came or their philosophy on leadership. Today's would
  • Why integrity first?

    "In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." -- Warren Buffet, Chief Executive Officer, Berkshire HathawayA number of years ago while interviewing for a flying assignment I was asked a simple question, "Which Air Force core value do
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness – A focus for life

    Leadership University Lesson No. 1: Take care of your Airmen, and they'll take care of the mission. This fundamental tenet of leadership has withstood the test of time through innumerable peacetime and wartime challenges. To that end, Air Mobility Command has recently launched a new awareness campaign for ensuring our Airmen and their families are