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  • Journey to 10,000: KC-10 flight engineer closing in on milestone – Part 2

    The alarm goes off at 4 a.m. on June 2 and like he’s done many times before, Master Sgt. Scott Dillinger, 6th Air Refueling Squadron KC-10 Extender flight engineer, prepares for another mission in the KC-10 Extender. Today, he will join a crew of three pilots, three flight engineers, to include himself, and two flying crew chiefs to provide
  • Journey to 10,000: KC-10 flight engineer closing in on milestone – Part I

    Under the cover of darkness early in the morning of June 1 Master Sgt. Scott Dillinger inched closer to achieving a significant milestone: 10,000 flight hours.
  • Fairchild groups support rapid global mobility

    It’s a bright sky above the cloud deck; the outside temperature is minus 10 degrees, altitude is 22,000 feet with cruising speed of the vintage, KC-135 Stratotanker a steady 450 mph. The closing speed of the chasing C-17 Globemaster III is a steady 455 mph, and the countdown to contact begins: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10…contact!
  • Dangerous and dirty – MacDill “Tank Divers” power the fight

    Known as “Tank Divers,” Airmen with the 6th Maintenance Squadron aircraft fuels systems section at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, constantly find themselves in a bind, looking for and fixing deterioration and leaks in the fuel systems of the aircraft.
  • BEEliners enable AE mission

    It’s a Sunday morning on Travis Air Force Base, California, and a flightline normally buzzing with activity is unusually void of the sounds one would expect from the busiest military air terminal in the United States.
  • Fairchild Airmen and Zion National Park Rangers rescue stranded climbers

    In the evening hours on March 17, two Airmen were hiking through the trails of a national park, when they came across another group of hikers who heard calls for help.
  • Youth aviation event sparks new energy

    A pilot with the 313th Airlift Squadron, experienced “both sides of his professional careers melting together” when he landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for the 10th annual Alaska Airlines Aviation Day on May 5, 2018.
  • A day in the life: Mental health supports Airmen, readiness

    Mental health awareness mission feature on Fairchild mental health providers.
  • Fit for flight: 6th AMXS maintains KC-135

    For more than 60 years, the KC-135 Stratotanker has executed rapid global mobility by providing unmatched air refueling and airlift support worldwide.
  • AFAF supports battle against cancer

    2nd Lt. Roger Zehr, 6th Operations Support Squadron officer in charge of operations intelligence, spent years honing his skills, overcoming obstacles, and learning to thrive in any situation; however, nothing prepared him for a diagnosis his son received during his time stationed at Beale Air Force Base, California in 2014.