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  • U.S. heroes, backbone of independence

    Wednesday was a day of celebration for Team Dover as it marked 231 years since America declared its independence from England and engaged in war to secure that independence. Since that day, America's security has always rested on the backs of the men and women willing to sacrifice whatever necessary to defend it. Following in the footsteps of our
  • Rescue flight crews provide 'help from above'

    On a moonless night, the glow from a red and green instrument panel illuminates the faces of the crew of Blade 79er, a UH-1N Huey flying a night vector mission over the tree-covered mountains of northern Washington. Suddenly, the radio crackles. "Rescue, Rescue, Rescue ... Phaser 1-2 calling in vector," the voice of a student on the ground nearby
  • Defense Couriers: Excellence in secure, rapid movement

    A two-person team secures a pallet of test equipment aboard a small military aircraft at Defense Courier Station Honolulu. Meanwhile, another two-person team leaves DCS San Diego via surface transportation, escorting material to a local customer. As these deliveries are being made, a Soldier books a commercial flight out of Baltimore, executing
  • Honor Guard lays Vietnam pilot to rest after 38 years

    The base honor guard presented a fitting military salute to Maj. Benjamin Danielson, an Air Force F-4 Phantom pilot shot down in 1969 during the Vietnam War. During a ceremonial tribute June 15 in Kenyon, Minn., the honor guard performed a flag-folding with full military honors. It was nearly 38 years since Major Danielson went down over Laos, but
  • Stress: Don't let it control you

    Your Air Expeditionary Force cycle is coming up. You just received permanent change-of-station orders. An exercise is around the corner and you still need to prep for the Unit Compliance Inspection. And that's just work. Add a home life, and your demands and stressors seem endless. It's impossible to eliminate these everyday stress factors from our
  • Rodeo's cops train for trophy

    Although a lot of the Air Mobility Rodeo competition focuses on the aircrews and maintainers participating, there is one portion of the competition that most of those folks haven't been trained to perform. A three-member security forces team is also competing for a Rodeo trophy. "I feel camaraderie from being part of the Grand Forks AFB Rodeo
  • Raven students, instructors remember 10 years of history in training

    Whether it's Raven #1 or Raven #1564, students and instructors from the Air Force Phoenix Raven Training Course say the course has made a lasting impact on their lives and the Air Force. The course, taught by the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center's 421st Combat Training Squadron, was implemented in 1997 to specially train security forces members
  • From serving Fairchild to serving the president

    From a young girl in Baltimore, to a ROTC graduate, to commander of the 92nd Services Squadron at Fairchild, and now on to be the Air Force military aide to the president of the United States. These are just a few achievements that have taken Maj. Gina Humble, 92nd Services Squadron commander, around the country and finally landed her in the White
  • Creation and continuation of the melodious "Taps"

    As history tells it, an Army general lay wounded in his tent at Harrison's Landing, Va., following the Seven Days battle of the Civil War in July 1862. Summoned to Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield's side was Pvt. Oliver Wilcox Newton, the brigade bugler. The general was displeased with the usual call for lights out, and arranged with the soldier a new
  • Fairchild Airmen in Manas Air Base Outreach Society

    Airmen deployed from Fairchild provide a helping hand to the local community through the Manas Air Base Outreach Society. Airman 1st Class Ashley Phillips and her husband, Airman 1st Class Mark Phillips, both from the 92nd Security Forces Squadron, found a way to be ambassadors for the Air Force while deployed to the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing at