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  • For a dedicated group of Air Force veterans, working at McChord's Heritage Center is ... A labor of love

    The McChord Heritage Center not only connects visitors to decades of rich aviation history, but it also connects them to those who work behind the scenes. Retired Air Force Col. Herman Wood is an expert on the legacy of the enlisted pilot. Mr. Wood, who is an 87-year-old docent at the museum, was a member of the Air Force's last enlisted pilot
  • Remembering September 11, 2001: 5 years later, Airmen reflect upon personal experiences

    Monday, it will be five years since four airliners were hijacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists and used as weapons against America, killing and injuring thousands and launching a Global War on Terror that is still being fought today, both at home and abroad. Sept. 11, 2001 is a date that will forever be engraved in the memory of those who witnessed and
  • Combat Aerial Delivery Flight: Delivering the fight to the enemy

    (Editor's note: This is the last in a four-part series on the 317th Airlift Group's C-130 operations.) The light in the C-130 just turned green, and the loadmaster just released more than 5,000 pounds of equipment rushing to the earth. The 317th Operations Support Squadron Combat Aerial Delivery Flight is responsible for ensuring the heavy cargo
  • Brothers in arms

    June started a new chapter in the Anderson Air Force family history when Lt. Col. Tom Anderson took command of the 714th Training Squadron. Tom is the third active-duty Anderson to become a lieutenant colonel and squadron commander, but what makes this noteworthy is that the brothers are all commanders at the same time. "It's unique," said Tom.
  • Eyes, ears of the flightline: MOC takes control

    (Editors note: This is the third in a series about the 317th Airlift Group's operations.)On the job nearly 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, the 317th Airlift Group's Maintenance Operation Center keeps a watchful eye of the flightline.The MOC is the center of all maintenance operations for the flightline, said Tech. Sgt. Antonio Apodaca, 317th
  • C-130 crew chiefs: Taking the fight to the enemy

    (Editor's note: This is the second in a series on the mission of the 317th Airlift Group.)There may be dirt, sweat or oil on their uniforms, but please don't look down on these hard working Airmen. For crew chiefs in the 317th AG, this is a mark of pride and hard work. The maintainers here take their job seriously as the C-130 mission at Dyess as
  • C-130s: Backbone of the GWOT

    (Editor's note: This is the first in a series on the mission of the 317th Airlift Group.) They're able to work in Antarctica, in 144 degree weather, on dirt runway strips, in sandstorms and off runways with less than 3,000 feet of space. If a sortie is needed in the world's toughest and austere locations, the 317th Airlift Group is called upon.
  • Lonely Eagle recounts service

    Signing copies of his book, retired Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson jovially spoke to all who approached his table. He took a few moments to share how his early years were shaped by his experience as a Tuskegee Airman, fighter pilot and POW. Colonel Jefferson, who was one of 32 Tuskegee Airmen who were prisoners during the war, offered insight into
  • QAEs work closely with contractors to keep aging fleet clean, top shape

    A group of seasoned technicians have a job description many would love to get paid for - people watching. The 436th Maintenance Group Quality Assurance office is responsible for making sure every move of more than a dozen Starlight Corporation (a military contractor) workers who clean one of the world's largest vehicles, the C-5 Galaxy, is done
  • Bars, stars mark family's promotion day

    A young officer had her second lieutenant bars pinned on during a ceremony that also saw two stars pinned on her father at the Academy Visitors' Center, May 30. Brig. Gen. Del Eulberg, director of Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., advanced to the rank of major general as his daughter