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  • Active-duty C-141s retired; chapter in global air mobility closes

    In his 1961 State of the Union Address, President John F. Kennedy set as the top immediate defense priority prompt attention to increase Americas airlift capability. He said, Obtaining additional air transport mobility -- and obtaining it now -- will better assure the ability of our conventional forces to respond, with discrimination and speed, to
  • Starlifters retire from active duty service

    The last two active-duty C-141B Starlifter transport aircraft will be retired Sept. 16 at McGuire AFB, N.J.During the past 40 years, the C-141 has proven a versatile platform for troop and cargo transport, humanitarian and disaster relief operations and aeromedical evacuation. As such, the Starlifter has secured an important place in history
  • New system 'sheds light' on short-field, combat landings

    Thanks to a new runway lighting system, McChord C-17 Globemaster III aircrews soon will have another place to practice combat, short-field and night landings.There is only one assault landing field in the northwest, and thats Moses Lake, said Capt. Mark Anderson, 62nd Operations Support Squadron airfield operations commander.All of that is about to
  • AMC hosts Industry Day

    More than 160 industry leaders from around the country gathered here Sept. 1 and 2 for the fourth annual Industry Day, sponsored by Air Mobility Command and the Air Force Association.Industry Day 2004 provided a forum through which AMC representatives shared information on the commands strategic roadmap with commercial and academic leaders.Our
  • Dover officers awarded Bronze Star Medals

    Two Dover AFB officers were recently awarded Bronze Star Medals in recognition of their support to the Global War on Terrorism.Lt. Col. Mark DeLuca, 436th Airlift Wing Safety Office, and Lt. Col. Richard Pues, 9th Airlift Squadron, received their decorations Aug. 18 and Aug. 12 respectively.Colonel DeLuca was deployed on a short notice remote to
  • Frances causes little damage at MacDill

    Charley struck out while Frances was a base hit, but disaster readiness officials here said they are hoping Ivan is an opponent they will not have to face.Following the second hurricane scare within one month, and Hurricane Ivan drawing a bead on Florida, emergency preparedness experts here said they are hoping bad things do not come in threes.
  • McConnell AFB adds new dimension to crime prevention

    Security forces at McConnell AFB have added a new dimension to crime prevention in base housing.No, the base isnt using high-tech gizmos costing thousands of dollars. Instead, base officials have turned to the common bicycle, operated by security forces volunteers.We use volunteers to save our manpower for day-to-day operations, said Tech. Sgt.