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  • Active-duty C-141 makes final flight around the world

    After nearly four decades of service to the U.S. Air Force, a McGuire C-141 Starlifter received a special goodbye – a trip around the world. Twelve crewmembers departed McGuire Aug. 19 for the last active-duty C-141 flight before the aircraft’s retirement Sept. 16. The hand-selected crew included eight members
  • COMMENTARY: AMC commander calls summer safety record worst in AMC history

    Labor Day marks the end of the vacation season and this year's 101 Days of Summer Safety Campaign. Sadly, this summer we experienced the worst safety record for fatalities in Air Mobility Command history: six military and one civilian. After reviewing each AMC fatal mishap, alcohol and excessive speed were the major
  • Grueling adventure race challenges participants

    Drops of sweat and tears of pain and joy ran down the faces of 45 hard-chargers who participated in the Special Operations Enduro Challenge VI here Aug. 21.The two-person teams were faced with a five-mile run, a seven-mile canoe, 300 push ups and sit ups, a canoe portage, a one-mile swim, a 12-mile off-road bike, a 40-pound ruck-sack run, an
  • AMC announces senior leader, officer assignments

    Air Mobility Command officials announced the following assignments:Maj. Gen. James A. Hawkins, vice commander, Eighteenth Air Force, Scott AFB, will become commander, Tanker Airlift Control Center, Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB.Maj. Gen. Quentin L. Peterson, special assistant to the commander, Eighteenth Air Force, will become vice commander,
  • Grand Forks tanker helps Air Force achieve communications first

    A 319th Air Refueling Wing aircraft recently took part in a major milestone in the operational deployment of a next-generation communications capability. The Grand Forks KC-135 was one of six aircraft from across the country that met in the skies above the Central United States Aug. 24 to conduct the first training
  • Grand Forks Airmen pitch perfect game ... twice

    - In baseball, a pitchers dream is to pitch a complete game and face only 27 batters. This is referred to as a perfect game. In the history of baseball, only 17 pitchers have achieved this feat.The aircraft maintenance communitys version of the perfect game is the black letter initial launch, which occurs when an aircraft takes off without any open
  • McGuire maintainers prepare for base's first C-17

    McGuire's first C-17 is scheduled to arrive Sept. 24.With almost 50 percent of the active duty maintenance personnel, 49 percent of the active Reserve technicians and 17 percent of traditional Reservists trained on the C-17, McGuire is busy getting everyone prepared for the new aircraft.Maintenance personnel here began training for the C-17 in
  • Employees share memories of the Herculean aircraft

    On Aug. 23, 1954, the first C-130 prototype made its maiden flight from Burbank, Calif., to Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. That one short journey has led to half a century of Herculean efforts that the Robins’ work force is proud to be a part of. Keeping the mighty birds in the air with the sweat of their brows, the