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  • Let's TALK about it

    Struggling with depression doesn’t make you any less of an Airman. This simple statement, repeated many times during my counseling sessions, is often the catalyst to helping Airmen open up and begin their healing process. And make no mistake about it – Depression is a “silent disease.” “Silent,” because the social stigma attached to people struggling with depression too often forces people into silence. And that silence is deadly.
  • Overcoming enormous odds – learning to perservere

    U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Matthew Knef, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron contractor officer representative, shares his story about overcoming odds and learning to persevere at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, Oct. 8, 2019. Knef shared a story about how a couple of bad decisions could have derailed his career, but instead gave him motivation to be successful in the Air Force.
  • Moving forward after failure

    Our Airmen are hurting. Our Airmen are overworked, underappreciated and far too often seek permanent solutions to temporary problems.
  • Believing a lie almost killed me

    Remember that old saying, “Perception is reality?” I believe this is a big lie.
  • My journey as a military nurse

    What does it mean to be a military nurse? When I first came into the military I did not know that meant.
  • Ride-share Tips: Advice for riding with strangers

    Sara climbed into the backseat of a sport utility vehicle unaware of what’s happening around her. After a night of drinking at a bar in Vacaville, California, she requested a ride home through Uber. Before entering the vehicle, she failed to confirm who the driver is and whether or not she was entering the right car. She was completely unaware of her surroundings.
  • AMC commander: unleash Airman innovation

    I have had the privilege of working for the men and women of Air Mobility Command for 7 months now. I quickly came to appreciate the incredible capacity of this exceptionally talented force – the force necessary to ensure we continue achieving mobility objectives in any environment. Before I took command of AMC, I reflected on the heritage of the
  • Stay or Go?

    Recently, you both asked me the question, “Why should I stay in the Air Force beyond my commitment?”
  • Rich Butler – impacting the galaxy

    On Aug. 6, 2018, 50 years after the first flight of the C-5 Galaxy, the Air Force and Lockheed Martin completed its last C-5M Super Galaxy upgrade. On that flight was Air Mobility Command’s C-5 requirements manager. For Rich Butler, this was an 18-years-in-waiting, memorable moment. A short conversation with the man is all it took to make another memorable moment for me.
  • Exciting Times to be an Airman

    DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. — Reflecting back on the last decade of the Air Force, just like everything in life, there have been a few highs and lows. However, I believe this is a very exciting time to serve in the United States Air Force. We are focusing on re-growing the force, developing our Airmen, and transforming our service; and the exciting