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  • Leading diversity

    Before Brown v. Board of Education declared school segregation illegal in 1954; before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 eradicated lawful discrimination in public accommodations; and before the Voting Rights Act of 1965 doubled down on the Constitution's 15th Amendment by guaranteeing no one would be denied the right to vote based on race, the U.S.
  • Our Air Force - diverse in thought, word and deed

    The Air Force has a rich heritage built on the pillars of diversity and innovation. As African American History Month draws to a close, and we look on to honor women's history next month, I'd like to reflect on the word 'diversity.' Diversity is often equated to minority, but it's more than that - diversity is a reflection of what makes us unique,
  • Bridge the communication gap between Ops, Maint

    I'm a crew chief in the 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron here and in my years on the flight line, I have noticed a number of pitfalls in which maintainers could possibly be trapped. The most prominent would have to be a sense of complacency and an inability to see the big picture. As maintainers, it's very easy to be wrapped up in the
  • Sacrifices...Don't Underestimate Their Importance

    As I was reviewing some enlisted performance reports and decorations today, I started contemplating a huge event in my life that occurred almost 20 years ago. In April of 1995, I asked my then girlfriend Tiffani, a fellow Airman at the time, to be my wife, for better or worse. We were married later that year and along our journey these past 20
  • Do something

    "What can I do to make a difference?" If you're like me, this is the question you ask yourself about sexual assault in the Air Force. As legal professionals we're trained to respond to any argument. But when you read so many conflicting reports about sexual assault in the media, when you hear differing solutions including some that don't address
  • Back to Basics: Team Identity Changing "I" to "We"

    We in the MacDill AFB community are all part of many teams. Be it in the smallest unit, up through the military echelons of the combatant commands; we are part of many groups culminating to "Team MacDill". But, do you really identify yourself as part of Team MacDill? Does your team have conflict with another team? As a leader at all levels, do you
  • Adaptation a survival trait in modern days

    Sir Winston S. Churchill once said, "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."If this is, in fact, true, I humbly submit that the Air Force is striving for perfection. From the birth of our service in 1947, we've experienced phenomenal changes in our equipment, capabilities and ourselves.Today, our senior leaders highlight the
  • I really shouldn't be here ... times two

    A couple of feet, a half a second. These may seem like insignificant measurements; but when combined with fatigue, a couple of feet almost cost me my career, and that half a second almost ended my life.There was a time when I was an enlisted aircraft electrical and environmental systems specialist and was part of the 19th Aircraft Maintenance Unit,
  • Leadership - it's not rocket science, it's harder

    Editors Note: On Jan. 27, 2015, the Air Force Public Affairs family lost one of its own, Col. Aaron Burgstein, a former 1st Combat Camera Squadron commander, to a hard fought battle with cancer. In memory of Col. Burgstein, we are re-running his commentary about leadership, as he was the ultimate leader.  "It's not rocket science!" How often do we
  • How the Military Pro Bono Project Saved My Family

    I have been checking my mailbox every day since Thanksgiving. The letter I'm looking for is from the U.S. Department of State. When I open it, I will find the overseas birth certificate of my oldest son, who will be nine in March.There's a special reason why this is so significant. The birth certificate will have a different name on it. Not a new