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  • One Team-No Seam!

    One Team-No Seam is a common term we use in the U.S. military to describe our total force capability and the relationship we have between the active and Reserve forces. While our forces are very different in many ways, in today's Air Force we have managed to cultivate a seamless environment between the two components.Joint Base Charleston is a
  • Heroes at Home: Thomas R. Slaughter

    About 2009, a young lady came to see me for an Air Force Aid loan for food. Airman Benjamin was a single mother. She had heard me speak at the First Term Airmen Course.Anytime anyone comes to see me for an AFA loan, the first thing I do is a budget. I want to see where their money is going.We did a budget and it wasn't pretty. I pulled her credit
  • Thank you to my great Air Force Family

    On March 26, I made my way out of the weight room at the fitness center when my throat suddenly started to swell.I had a sore throat that had been bothering me all week, bad but as I continued to walk away from the weight room, I stopped in the main basketball court to sit and catch my breath.The pressure started getting worse.I decided to go to
  • AMC Commander reflects on his first year

    To the men and women of Air Mobility Command, I can't thank you and your families enough for the hard work and sacrifices that you make each day. You are an unrivaled, Total Force team - active duty, Guard, Reserve, and civilian Airmen - and you make rapid global mobility a reality.In the year since I took command, I've truly been impressed by what
  • Why I served

    As my 32 year Air Force career comes to a rapid close I've found myself growing increasingly sentimental and reflective.  I've spent considerable time pondering, savoring and squirreling away the memories of the places I've been, the people I've worked with and the achievements we've made over the past three decades.  What was it that influenced me
  • Coming to you from the flight deck

    Thirty-two thousand feet.  Four hundred and fifty miles per-hour.  It's 2 a.m., and quiet.  The aircrew of Reach 723 is just starting its journey across the Atlantic.  Because my commentary deadline for the Patriot is the same week as one of my all-too-infrequent C-17 missions, the flight deck is my "office" for composing my thoughts.  Unfortunate
  • Please don't thank me for my service

    The other day a good friend and mentor, a retired AF Master Sergeant, sent me a message made up of a few simple words. Words that we, folks who wear a military uniform, may be accustomed to ... "Thank you for your service." I don't know about you, but I am very uncomfortable when people thank me for my service. Usually, when it is a face to face
  • Leadership is crucial

    Leadership is crucial at all levels of the organization especially in a squadron as diverse as the 6th Force Support Squadron with 63 Air Force Specialty Codes, 60 buildings and nearly 600 employees.Each Airman not only plays an integral role in being a member of the team, but also in building the team. It takes active participation by all
  • Sooo... What Are You Reading?

    "There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them." - Ray BradburyI'm a book nerd.There... I said it.I've always enjoyed a good book and many times perhaps made some questionable decisions about the times that I've chosen to read books (My wife claims I read six books during our honeymoon...in my defense it was while we
  • Facilitating spiritual fitness through diversity and inclusion

    On any given Sunday at the Scott Air Force Base chapels, a visitor is greeted and welcomed to Protestant worship services or Catholic Mass. Children are enrolled in religious education. The congregations collect offerings that are used for faith-based programs, fellowship and parish activities. It really looks a lot like any of the churches outside