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  • What's behind the smile?

    A few years ago, I wrote an article about smiling.  I tried to make it witty and funny, in an attempt to enlighten the hearts of Airmen in Korea.  I ranted on how smiles were contagious and made people look more confident and attractive.  I argued that forcing yourself to smile can literally change your mood.  I have no doubt that a smile is a
  • Leading the way: Acceptance, inclusion in today's military

    Inclusion and acceptance is an ongoing battle in today's Air Force.  It's something frequently highlighted in the media and by the general public.  Acceptance and inclusion is also something that is very special and held dearly in the United States and its military branches.  It's what sets us apart from other countries and their armed forces.When
  • 'I'm not just an Airman, I'm a spouse, and I can be both'

    Sometimes, all of my identities get hard to handle. No, I'm not a superhero with an alter-ego, but I do wear quite a few different hats. I am an active duty Airman, I am a mom, I am a daughter, I am a sister, and I also happen to be the spouse of an active duty servicemember.Dedication and loyalty are important to me, and I throw myself completely
  • Practice transparency, integrity with new inspection program

    From day one of joining the Air Force, we learn about our core values. We strive to uphold these core values to the highest level as a military member. All of the core values are near and dear to me, but recently it is integrity that I have started viewing in a different way.Integrity encompasses many traits and honesty is one of those traits.
  • Military Judge: 'Accused and counsel, please rise.'

    For those who have had to hear those words from a Military Judge, as they stood and realized that everyone was looking at them, it is one the most frightening experiences they have ever faced. And if they are accused of an Article 120 (i.e., sexual assault) offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, they could be facing up to life in
  • Let us sing

    Every morning in basic training we would recite the Airman's Creed and the Air Force song.It always gave me chills.Standing with my flight, my wingmen, we would cry out the verses - our voices echoing off the drill pad walls. It was our motivation to get through another day of training. We were unified and banded together by where we were, and who
  • Are you MAD or SAD?

    There are two distinct types of Airmen who serve: those who are here to Make a Difference (MAD) and those who are Selfish and Distracting (SAD).  Each of us was equipped to be MAD once we graduated initial military training and our various technical training schools; we had the basic skills in our respective career fields to be successful Airmen. 
  • One Team-No Seam!

    One Team-No Seam is a common term we use in the U.S. military to describe our total force capability and the relationship we have between the active and Reserve forces. While our forces are very different in many ways, in today's Air Force we have managed to cultivate a seamless environment between the two components.Joint Base Charleston is a
  • Heroes at Home: Thomas R. Slaughter

    About 2009, a young lady came to see me for an Air Force Aid loan for food. Airman Benjamin was a single mother. She had heard me speak at the First Term Airmen Course.Anytime anyone comes to see me for an AFA loan, the first thing I do is a budget. I want to see where their money is going.We did a budget and it wasn't pretty. I pulled her credit
  • Thank you to my great Air Force Family

    On March 26, I made my way out of the weight room at the fitness center when my throat suddenly started to swell.I had a sore throat that had been bothering me all week, bad but as I continued to walk away from the weight room, I stopped in the main basketball court to sit and catch my breath.The pressure started getting worse.I decided to go to